Trials of Osiris has always been a favorite of "Destiny 2" players, as for the reset this Friday, June 25, players will have the opportunity to get the best loot in the game, and not only that, but also the location of Xur to ease your gaming.

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris, Xur location
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Here is the list of new weapons that are rewarded to worthy "Destiny 2" players for this week's Trials of Osiris.

'Destiny 2' Trials of Osiris Possible Rewards

Unless you're new to "Destiny 2," then you should know by now that not only is the Trials of Osiris shows your fireteams supremacy in PvP, but also offers adept weapons. Adept weapons are the most sought out items in the game and it can easily strengthen your character.

According to GameSpot, the possible adept weapons you can get for competing and winning as many games as possible before having three losses to your team are as follows:

  • Ingneous Hammer

  • Shayura's Wrath

  • The Messenger

  • The Summoner

  • Tomorrow's Answer

  • Astral Horizon

  • Exile's Curse

  • Eye of Sol

  • Sola's Scar

How the Weapons Can Help Your Gameplay

Each of the adept weapons brings their own devastations and advantages in the battlefield, regardless if it's PvE or PvP.

"Destiny 2" weapons like the Eye of Sol are good for long range snipes, and the Sola's Scar -- if you want to get up close and personal -- are great examples of weapons that are not as good as the rest. However, slapping the right mods and perks can make you a beast in the battlefield.

The Summoner still is a reliable rifle in "Destiny 2," even without the Adept mods. Equip the rifle with Dynamic Sway Reduction if you're playing on console, or Moving Target if you're playing on PC.

Overflow, Rampage, Elemental Capacitor are good choices depending on the circumstances.

The "Destiny 2" adept weapons all have their uses, and it depends on the user to choose what the best mods are for the situation. Regardless, you won't be able to get them without first getting good in PvP and winning those points for the Trials of Osiris before the reset ends next Tuesday, June 29.

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'Destiny 2' Xur Location

As the weekend draws near, Xur visits the "Destiny 2" solar system once again with a wide array of Exotic gear, but where exactly is the Agent of the Nine?

He frequently dwells on the Nessus in Watcher's Grave, Winding Cove of EDZ, or the Tower Hangar. The best bet would be to just jump on any of the three locations to get a chance to stock up on Exotic gear if you don't have them already, or find a better one.

If you've been playing "Destiny 2" for some time, it may irk players that the Exotic weapons and armor Xur has aren't the best.

However, it's still worth visiting his shop to see just what might be in store for you as he has one Exotic weapon and three Exotic armor pieces for each class.

Xur arrives at 10 AM Pacific Time, and goes back into the void on the next reset, which will happen on June 29 at the same time.

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