There are at least three "Mass Effect 3" endings that are likely to be the beginning of its upcoming sequel. However, of course, the next installation could only possibly follow one of them.

Mass Effect 3: Sequel is Most Likely to Follow this Ending
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Mass Effect 3: The sequel of the trilogy is said to follow its storyline. However, given the multiple endings of the game, the next installation is likely to follow only one of which — here it is.

The "Mass Effect 3" has three known endings: Destroy, Synthesis, and Control. As per CBR, the conclusion of the "ME3" has been one of the most controversial. 

Each ending similarly led to the destruction of the Mass Relay of the galaxy, even if destroying it ended up killing a significant number of lives. What made it more frustrating for its players is the absence of the final boss fight as the game came to an end. 

Nevertheless, the endings served a much higher purpose as it will commence the start of the "Mass Effect" trilogy's sequel, as per Polygon

It is only unclear which of them will actually be continued. 

"Mass Effect 3" Ending and Sequel's Beginning 

The "Mass Effect: Andromeda" centered on the event that occurred before the game's triumvirate even began. On the other hand, BioWare has already confirmed that the sequel will revolve around what happens next after the trilogy. 

The upcoming "Mass Effect" title has already been teased with Liara stumbling upon the N7 armor of Shepard.

That said, the additional fourth ending of "ME3" could not possibly be the beginning of the next game as Liara is probably dead. The extra ending is only available in the Extended Cut DLC, in which Shepard chose to wipe out humanity. 

The Legendary Edition sets the "Mass Effect 3" canon ending of the extended cut as the default. However, it is still the least possible ending to receive a sequel, given the result of Shepard's decision, which obliterated humankind. 

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"Mass Effect 3" Ending Most Likely To Have a Sequel 

The "ME3" Synthesis Ending suggested numerous post-synthetic plots.

However, Liara, who was the only character who made it to the teaser, does not fit such a narrative as she lacks such green markings, which humanoids commonly exhibit. 

If Liara is to be based upon, the sequel is not likely to happen in a post-synthetic future. Nevertheless, there is still a slim chance that it could happen. 

On the other hand, the Destroy Ending is the most possible beginning of the sequel due to its questionable efficacy. Furthermore, it opened an opportunity for issues and problems. And it gives the player the chance to command Shepard yet again. 

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