DOOM Eternal PS5 update
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"DOOM Eternal" dropped a free next-gen update for consoles but pretty much tells players to kiss their previous campaign saves goodbye.

Free Update? No, Thank You

A recent free update made available for next-gen consoles just dropped for "DOOM Eternal," and it is not worth it unless you're a newer player.

If you're hoping to play your saved campaign data going from your previous-gen console to the newer ones then tough luck to you as it doesn't come with the option.

As of the time of this writing, you can't port your saved data from PS4 to PS5. Not to mention that the PS5 version still is acting wonky, to say the least. The release came out on Tuesday morning, June 29, and players reported that their game isn't working properly.

Kotaku reported that they are locked out of the PS5 version after downloading the supposed upgrade file, right after the PlayStation store showed the game for full price.

When checking the PS5 dashboard, there is a sign of a lock right next to the "Doom Eternal's" icon. Players who wanted to play had to go back to their PS4 consoles which was a bother, to say the least.

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Possible Fix Coming

You would know by now that when enough people take to the internet and complain, their voices will get heard. The saying applies to the "DOOM Eternal" PS5 issues as Sony is looking for a way to already fix the data. Bethesda already acknowledged over Twitter that they are working on the fix, see?

However, it begs to address an even larger concern as "DOOM Eternal" isn't the first game that has had issues with porting over saves to PS4 to PS5.

For instance, when you're trying to port over games like "Marvel's Avengers," you can copy your hundred or thousand hour save file but you have to download the PS4 version first, upload the save data to the cloud, then download the PS5 version and redownload said data.

For "Final Fantasy VII Remake" save files, do the steps similar to what you'd do for "Marvel's Avengers" to be able to play the PS5 exclusive, "Final Fantasy VII Intergrade." It can get tedious at times but that's the only way so far.

Xbox Users Have it Easy

For Xbox One to Xbox Series X/S, it's relatively smooth sailing to porting over save files, the same goes for "DOOM Eternal."

Once you own a game from Xbox One, your Xbox Series X or S can automatically bump you up to the next-gen version with no fuss. Dive directly into the game where you left off as long as your console is connected to the internet, of course.

Microsoft has a feature called "Smart Delivery," which in summary detects a game that you have and is part of the Smart Delivery service, it will be automatically upgraded to next-gen status without financial upkeep and effort on your part.

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