Leaked Google Health App Could Help Users by Holding Medical Records for Easier Sharing
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Leaked Google Health App Could Help Users by Holding Medical Records for Easier Sharing

Google is allegedly trying to develop a brand new Health app. This information came from a leak that suggested the new health app could come with a "killer feature."

According to the leak, the new Google Health App could allegedly allow its users to have access to easier medical records integration.

Google Health App to Help Integrate Medical Records

The new Google Health App will help by allowing users to integrate their medical records, and if the user wants, they can even share these records to friends or family whenever necessary.

The information reportedly comes from both Ishan Agarwal, a pretty well-known tipster, and from 91mobiles as well.

The source, however, did not mention that this particular app is now being tested. It also looks like the app has not yet been approved as well. In other words, it is still unclear as to whether or not the Google Health App will actually make its way to the general mainstream market and be accessible for all.

App Allegedly in 'Early Stages of Development'

The source did, however, share some screenshots of what looked like the app.

The description stated that users will see a unified view of their health, pulling together different information from the users' labs visits, doctor's visits, and more. Users can get started by linking their online accounts from certain places where they have been receiving their healthcare.

According to the story by Android Headlines, the screenshots reportedly present a certain type of app that is still well within its early stage of development. There are some menus that are already there such as menus for profile records, pages, contracts, and other sharing.

Google Health App for Android and iOS

It was also reportedly specified that the app will first make its way to Android and only become available to iOS some time later on, if it does make it to the market.

It is important to note that the app won't be replacing the current Google Fit at all. The Google Health app is actually supposed to compete directly with the popular Apple Health.

It currently remains to be seen if Google will ever finally bring the app to the market. The closer it will get to release, the more information will be available online. As of the moment, however, the information provided is still quite speculative.

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Rumored App: Stay Tuned for Confirmation

Although screenshots were published online, with the alleged app not yet even being approved, it is hard to really be sure of the app's existence.

One thing is for sure, however, and that is Google will be announcing the app if it really does exist and once it has finally been approved.

As of the moment, those interested might have to wait until the alleged app first gets approved before any further assumptions can be made regarding the supposed Google Health App. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the alleged Google Health App.

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