Google Play Store to 'Ensure Developers are Real People' by Adding 2FA and Physical Address
(Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website) Google Play Store to 'Ensure Developers are Real People' by Adding 2FA and Physical Address

Google Play Store includes new requirements for developers, making them add 2FA and physical addresses to validate that they are real. This move could be a move to help validate whether or not the developers are real to add additional security.

Google Additional Requirements

Although Google currently asks users for an email address and phone number, the company will now be asking users whether their account is a personal account or a business account, along with other details. Developers will be required to add a contact name, a physical address, and even a verification of email and phone details.

Google shared in a blog post that developers giving their contact information will help Google share important information and updates about the developers' apps. It would also help Google assure that a real person creates every single account with real contact details. 

Google Play Safety

This would help Google make sure that Google Play Store remains safe for all of the users. It was also stated that the information which the developer inputs will not be public-facing and will be used for Google to confirm the identity of its users and better communicate with them.

Google will also be making the two-factor authentication for the Google Play Console users mandatory. Developers also have to state whether their account is personal or business use and verify contact details. While developers are stating that the account type is still optional, it will be enforced if ever a developer would choose to update their contact details.

Google 2FA and Contact Information

According to the story by ZDNet, new accounts will have the account type, the contact information, and also the 2FA requirements enforced starting August. The existing developers, however, will have to face the requirements sometime later this year.

In March, Google had dropped the total commission which the company takes for any made Play Store sales down to 15% for the initial $1 million which the app is making through their platform. During that time, the company stated that 99% of its developers would see a half in their fees taken away by Google to help starting developers grow their apps.

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Google Play Store Safety

The move to require more authentication won't be too much of a setback for developers as only information must be given. This move might also potentially help decrease the number of scams or fraudulent apps on the Google Play Store.

If malicious activity is sensed due to the developer's contact details being available, Google can immediately remedy the problem. With more identification, Google might pinpoint which users are real and which are under aliases.

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