Nike has recently unveiled its 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics Collection, but there will actually be a certain pair of sneakers that will be exclusive to medal winners in the competition. 

The Nike Glide FlyEase will be equipped with the brand's FlyEase technology, which means the wearer can have a hands-free experience when putting on and taking off the shoes. 

Nike Glide FlyEase: What to Expect

Nike Glide FlyEase
(Photo : Official Nike Webpage)

The Nike Glide FlyEase will be similar to the Go FlyEase, except for the Glide FlyEase's flexible heel, according to a report by The Verge

How the shoes work is pretty simple and straightforward. Basically, shoe owners would just have to step into the shoe, and it would automatically snap back into place, thanks to its elastic cord that goes over the foot, giving it a snugger fit.

The Glide FlyEase will also be partially made from recycled materials. 

Nike FlyEase: What is It?

The FlyEase technology has enabled Nike to create shoes that are quick and easy to get into.

"The underlying functionality of FlyEase is about solutions that allow wearers to open, close and feel secure in a shoe using one or no hands," according to the Nike website.  

During its launch, the Nike FlyEase technology also highlighted how it can help people with disabilities thanks to its hands-free experience.

The entry systems that the Nike FlyEase technology puts in place allows for a hands-free experience when putting on and taking off shoes. One such entry system is the magnetized heel of the Nike Air Zoom UNVRS. 

The FlyEase technology is also able to adjust to different foot shapes and sizes, allowing shoes with the technology to cater those with wide feet or those who use supports and braces. 

Nike models that make use of the FlyEase technology include the Air Jordan 1 FlyEase, Nike Air Zoom Pegasus FlyEase, Go FlyEase, and of course, the Glide FlyEase.

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Nike 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics Collection

Nike Air Zoom Victory
(Photo : Official Nike Webpage)

With the Tokyo Summer Olympics fast approaching after its cancellation last year, Nike has also unveiled its collection of apparel and footwear for the event. As per the previously mentioned report by The Verge, the pants and jackets in the collection are made from 100% recycled material. 

Nike's sponsored athletes at the Olympics will be wearing apparel and footwear in what the brand calls its Rawdacious colorway palette. The color palette is a combination of white, pink blast, total orange, and bright crimson.

"In creating this year's palette, we worked to consider color holistically to best represent a moment in time," said Martha Moore, Nike's VP for Central Color Product Design, in a press release posted on the Nike website

The Rawdacious colorway is meant to symbolize the "exuberance of reuniting through sport." 

The collection includes Nike Air Zoom Superfly Elite 2, which is designed for athletes competing in sprint and hurdle events and features a carbon fiber plate and eight removable spikes for traction, Nike Air Zoom Victory, and the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT%. 

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