Mystery Smartphone Could Have Up to 20GB of RAM | ZTE Secret Weapon?
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A potential mystery smartphone could have up to 20GB of RAM! Could this be ZTE's new secret weapon? The new smartphone that is rumored to pack 20GB of RAM could be coming out sooner than expected.

ZTE Mystery Smartphone Could Pack 20GB of RAM

ZTE's executive has just hinted that the possibility of a 20GB RAM smartphone could happen soon, according to GizmoChina.

ZTE's executive, Lu Qianhao shared a particular post on Weibo, a popular Chinese social media network.

In a rough translation, he basically noted that a new device packed with 20GB of RAM would be extremely smooth. Almost everyone believed that he was actually talking about a smartphone.

16GB, 18GB, and 20GB Smartphones

Although some might actually think that having 16GB of RAM could be very powerful for a smartphone, this isn't really that rare anymore. Certain phone models like the Lenovo Legion 2 Pro already have versions that go up to 18GB of RAM. 

The article noted that a new 20GB of RAM in the ZTE smartphone won't really be any different at all. If ZTE does end up including a new powerful smartphone including 20GB of RAM, the device will finally become the first phone with that much RAM.

Physical RAM Plus Virtual RAM

The article noted that as of the moment, the highest known RAM, according to the story by Android Headlines, is the Lenovo Legion 2 Pro at 18GB of RAM.

However, it is important to note that not all of the RAM could be physical. There are actually smartphone OEMs that are now turning to add virtual RAM, so phones could have 18GB of physical RAM and 2GB of viral RAM or maybe some other combination.

It also wouldn't really be a surprise if the ZTE actually went forward and included a larger 20GB of Physical RAM. It was noted that if Lenovo was able to include the 18GB of RAM packed inside a smartphone, why not other brands?

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Is 6GB Enough?

The article further said that the phone is technically an "overkill" in a smartphone.

The 12GB and the 16GB of RAM is already pretty heavy. There are still some phones out there that reportedly function on 6GB of RAM, and already work quite flawlessly despite heavy use.

The post coming from the source, however, does not give definite confirmation that the phone is actually going to be coming soon. It is important to note that it is actually just possible that ZTE is still only testing the feature.

This isn't really any guarantee that the device would arrive, or even arrive soon.

If ZTE decided not to release a particular device like this on a particular device, it could be possible that the company will do so with a gaming smartphone. As of the moment, fans will have to wait for a more official announcement from ZTE regarding the 20GB RAM device.

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