New Qualcomm CEO Announces Counter-Apple M1 Chip that Could be Ready in 2022
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The newly appointed Qualcomm CEO Christiano Amon has just announced that a new chip to challenge the Apple M1 could be ready in 2022. Amon has just told laptop manufacturers that come next year, the company would finally have a new PC processor that can challenge the Apple M1 chip used widely in the company's MacBook range.

Qualcomm 5G Roadmap and Strategy

According to the story by TechRadar, Amon is now replacing the retiring Steve Mollenkoppf just last month after having joined the company as the company's engineer all the way back in 1995. As the company's president, Amon is reportedly responsible for Qualcomm's official semiconductor business and has reportedly been instrumental in developing its whole 5G technical roadmap and strategy.

Qualcomm's mobile processor and modern technology reportedly power the whole vast majority of different high-end Android smartphones. However, Amon wants the San Diego-based firm to be able to secure a much greater share of the whole PC market.

Qualcomm Shift to 5G

The previous efforts have reportedly failed to be able to make a more serious impact on a whole space that both AMD and Intel have much traditionally dominated. Amon, however, told Reuters in an interview that he actually believes that Qualcomm will be able to enjoy much greater success by designing its very own PC chips instead of licensing designs from ARM.

A major factor will be matching the energy efficiency of the popular Apple processors, a capability that has actually been able to extend the life of the MacBook range. Qualcomm, however, also believes its connectivity expertise will actually be hugely significant as the whole industry decides to shift to 5G.

ARM CPU Development

Amon stated that they needed to have the whole leading performance for a new battery-powered device. It was also stated that if ARM eventually develops a CPU that ends up to be better than what they can build themselves, they can always have the option to license it from ARM.

He identified other areas of opportunity that would include an Android market reacting to Huawei's struggle and even the ongoing growth in China. There was also one segment that Qualcomm had no intention of actually expanding into data center chips. 

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Qualcomm vs. Apple Chips

Amon, however, did say that the company could still license chip designs to the cloud giants that want to build their very own processors. The huge question is whether Qualcomm would be able to come up with a chip to challenge the Apple M1 before the company finally graduates to its possible next level of M2 chips.

Of course, there is still little confirmed information regarding the upcoming moves that Apple is reportedly planning to make to keep up with the ever-demanding market. Fans will have to wait for the official announcement from Apple regarding its next upcoming chips.

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