Simple Steps on How to Clean Laptop Screen – Safely, Effectively, and Easily
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Here's how to clean your laptop screen safely, effectively, and easily, even if you don't know how or don't have experience.

Don't know how to clean your laptop screen? Here are simple steps to do it safely, effectively, and easily!

When it boils down to maintaining your laptop screen's cleanliness, there is a huge possibility that you have no idea how to do it. The mere fact that everyday dirt gets on it, such as drinks, food, and greasy fingers come in contact with it, only means that it needs a good old cleaning.

Here are simple steps on how to clean a laptop screen!

Turn off your laptop and make sure it is not connected to electricity.

First of all, you need to make sure that your laptop is not connected to any power circuit and that it is shut down. Cleaning an active laptop's screen may lead to irreversible damages to your computer, causing more harm than good.

Another reason your laptop has to be turned off is it will give you a better view of the dirt built up on your laptop screen because you will be working in a dark area.

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe your laptop screen gently.

Microfiber cloths are particular fabric types that do not leave lint - and they are exceptionally soft. Paper towns, t-shirts, and other kinds of cloth would not work as well as microfibers do in terms of being gentle and effective in cleaning your laptop screen.

Start by wiping your laptop screen gently using the microfiber cloth, using only one motion. Do not go up and down or side-to-side because it will only transfer the dirt back and forth on your laptop screen instead of getting it off.

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Invest in a liquid solution to get rid of tough dirt

If your laptop screen has hard dirt stuck on it, you might have to invest in a high-quality liquid solution to take out the dirt. 

Lightly spray some liquid solution to your microfiber cloth. Make sure that the fabric is not soaking wet because it could damage your laptop screen.

Using the moist microfiber cloth, gently wipe the laptop screen and avoid rubbing the screen because it might cause pixel burnout.

Use another dry microfiber cloth to finish up.

Get hold of your second microfiber cloth and make sure that it is dry. Use it to remove the remaining dirt and oil on your laptop screen. 

It is also a great material to use to get rid of excess liquid that sits on the laptop screen to avoid further damage.

Easy Tips When Cleaning Laptop Screen

  • Prevent getting any form of moisture near or within the ports of the laptop
  • Do not use alcohol-based cleaners and liquid solutions on your laptop screen because they could cause permanent damage to your device's protective coating.
  • Only use water-based and lab-tested cleaners for your laptop's screen type. Never use dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, and other commercial cleaners unless it is meant for a laptop screen.
  • To maintain the cleanliness of your laptop screen, constantly wipe it with a dry microfiber cloth. It will prevent excessive dust and dirt build-up.

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