"Sims 4" players have more things to look forward to as the game's developers teased a couple of new updates that will come with the next patch!

Electronic Arts (EA) posted the sneak peek of the next patch on their official website. It will include new activities Sims can enjoy, new hair, and even new art. 

Sims 4 Upcoming Patch Updates: New Activities for Sims

Sims 4
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"Sims 4's" upcoming patch will include new activities Sims can enjoy with their families, according to EA. 

One of activity is cooking. Players will be able to select up to five Sims present in the lot to cook a meal together in the kitchen. Group cooking will result in better quality meals with more servings, plus a new sentiment can be received by the participating Sims. 

Children can also be chosen as part of the group and will actually gain a Mental skill as a result. 

Speaking of children, they will be able to do gardening activities when the new "The Sims 4" update arrives. All child Sims will be able to water plants in the garden, but must unlock Mental skill thresholds before they can weed, plant, and harvest. 

Those who can plant can also choose which container they can plant the seed in. Options include pot, planter, and patch. 

Children and even toddlers will have the option to talk to plants depending on their Communication skill level.

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New Art and Hair

EA has partnered with artists from the LGBTQ+ community to bring new art to the game. The upcoming "Sims 4" update will include art from two artists, according to the sneak peek. 

The first artist to feature in the next "The Sims 4" update is Mohammed Iman Fayez, who describes his piece "A Recipe for Good Times" as "some sweetness, some tenderness, some silliness, and some love. A recipe for good times."

The second artist is Ashley Lukashepsky. EA describes her art pieces as one that conveys "the idea that our liberations are interlinked, and that we need to look out for each other."

Aside from new art, players can also expect new hair in the upcoming patch to add to the many Create A Sim options already available. The new hair will be a modernized version of the large afro hairstyle. 

Developers Answer Questions, Give More Details on Sims Sessions

Sims Sessions
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In the same post, EA answered questions regarding hot topics in the "Sims 4" community. 

As far as more relationship options in Create A Sims is concerned, the developers said that they "do not have any plans around expanding families and households."

They likewise teased the possibility of adding more likes and dislikes, and even more music preferences and activities for the Sims to the game. 

EA also revealed more details about the previously announced Sims Sessions event that is currently ongoing in the game. The limited-time "Sims 4" event allows Sims to enjoy a music festival headlined by Bebe Rexha and more. 

Sims can also shop during the Sims Sessions music festival as well as take advantage of the festival-inspired lounges. Sims can camp out, sleep, or even woohoo in the lounges at Sims Sessions. Food trucks that Sims can order from are also available in the festival.

Sims attending the festival can also come up onstage once the performances end to party and perform on their own. 

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