SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule is going to offer one heck of a ride for its crew once the call of nature comes.

SlashGear reports that a few details about how the crew will live aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule have surfaced, including how the astronauts are going to "do their business." According to reports, the crew will have what is perhaps the best view ever from the bathroom, and it's not even close.

For any astronauts who use the bathroom, they will have a perfect, 360-degree view of the Earth and the deep, dark void of space. That's because instead of having a docking connector at the nose of the capsule, SpaceX installed a glass cupola. That's where the bathroom is. While there's not much privacy (only a single curtain shields a person from everybody else), the spectacular view offers more than enough consolation, it seems.

The information comes from mission commander Jared Isaacman, whose words were published in an article by Business Insider. He will help the mission called Inspiration4, whose main goal is to fly above the height of the International Space Station and conduct scientific experiments up there for three days.

It's also worth noting that the SpaceX mission is going to feature all relatively ordinary people. The mission will be the first in history to have no professional astronaut on board, which is already amazing in itself.

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SpaceX Going Full Speed Ahead with Crewed Missions

The Inspiration4 mission seems like any other crewed space flight, right? Since most people only hear about it right now, it's safe to assume that it will take quite a while before it takes off, right?

Not really.

In fact, the mission is scheduled to leave Earth as early as Sept. 15 if various reports are to be believed. That's a little over two months from the time of this writing, which is a very short period. But that's actually not the first crewed SpaceX mission to launch in such a short time frame.

According to SpaceX founder Elon Musk himself, his company plans to bring a crewed mission to Mars by mid-July, judging by this tweet:

But is this real, though? For now, there's only speculation. Musk tends to tweet about things and plans that sound a little too outlandish, even for a billionaire who can basically do anything. His tweets are so powerful, in fact, that they can influence something as big as the cryptocurrency market and send crypto values skyrocketing. Just consider how a single tweet from him increased Dogecoin values by as much as 98%.

What's Next?

For now, Inspiration4 and its crew are set to do something that hasn't been done before. If the mission is successful, it could prove that you technically don't need to be a professional astronaut to go to space. You have to be really good at your chosen field.

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