"Apex Legends" servers were recently down after some hackers breached the game's matchmaking system.

Unlike other online attackers, who focus on acquiring users' sensitive details to ask for ransoms, cybercriminals behind the latest attack claimed that they only want to save "Titanfall" from hackers.

Some players complained that they were not able to enter matchmaking since they are continuously receiving an error message. On the game note, the hackers said that players need to visit the website "savetitanfall.com."

Once you enter this URL on your search bar, you will be directed to the attackers' official web page.

"Titanfall is a beloved franchise by many, and hacker issues have been on the rise. The Titanfall community has been begging Respawn to fix this issue for over three years, but to no avail," said the hackers.

"Today this game is still being sold while being completely unplayable. It's time we speak up," they added.

'Apex Legends' Servers Now Back On Track

According to PC Gamer's latest report, Respawn Entertainment, the official game developer of "Apex Legends," confirmed that matchmaking is now good to go.

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The game company was able to fix the issue by publishing server updates. These fixes specifically targeted the massive hack. On July 4, Respawn Entertainment announced on Twitter that although the game's matchmaking process is restored, they are still keeping an eye for a follow-up attack.

Its latest tweet was able to garner more than 1,120 retweets, 13,000 likes, and 200 comments. However, some fans in the comment section said that the server hack is not actually the issue.

One of them said that Respawn Entertainment must also fix the problem with "Titanfall," otherwise he will consider the action of the company as a joke.

Although this is the case, some players still appreciated the company's efforts, saying that Respawn Entertainment doesn't have to give anything to anyone.

The Twitter user added that playing and acquiring "Titanfall" is more than enough right now.

No Sensitive Details Were Leaked 

Dot Esports reported that the hackers behind the latest "Apex Legends" server attack did not leak players' sensitive user details. This clearly shows that the online attackers only want to save the popular "Titanfall" franchise. 

As of the moment, Respawn Entertainment hasn't released any statement regarding the issue of the "Titanfall" series. As a player, the best thing you can do is continue your thing and wait for the game developer's official announcements. 

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