Verizon has THOR, a Ford F-650 Truck which has been modified to provide a mobile cellular and 5G connection on areas that have been hit by a natural disaster and has no functioning cell towers. This would help in contacting loved ones and providing people updates through the cellular data connection brought by this truck.

And while it is not the "Marvel's Avengers's" god of thunder, it might as well be a hero, as it provides a unique service that would bring massive and potential life-saving solutions for victims of a calamity. 

Verizon's THOR

Verizon THOR
(Photo : Verizon)
Verizon's THOR is an emergency response vehicle that aims to deliver 5G and cellular connections on disaster-hit areas.

Verizon's THOR stands for Tactical Humanitarian Operations Response, and it is a modified Ford F-650 truck that carries a mobile cellular tower that can provide receptions in areas that have its towers knocked out. The emergency response vehicle is perfect for situations like when respondents are getting information on a certain area, but cannot do so because of the damages the calamity dealt.

Initially, this is something that can be applied to January's Winter Storm which almost erased Texas off the map. Good thing is that Elon Musk and his services were available there, providing temporary energy sources to tap into the city grid. 

However, outside of Texas, there are limited resources when it comes to an emergency, especially as it comes when people least expect it. 

The modified F-650 has a total capacity of nine passengers: one driver, five on the actual cab of the vehicle, and three additional ones for the command center at the back of the truck. 

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5G on Wheels

Verizon THOR
(Photo : Verizon)

Most things in the world are mobile now, even a computer can be fitted in the pocket with either a tablet or smartphone that is capable of the same computing power. 

That being said, an enormous tower for cellular signals has been fitted at the back of a truck, and Verizon's Frontline will soon use it in case of emergencies and areas struck with the inability to communicate.

Apart from delivering network signals back, it would also bring 5G connectivity to help people send out and receive updates, contact the authorities, and stay connected despite the disaster that they are facing.

Do People Need More of THOR?

Verizon THOR
(Photo : Verizon)

One of Verizon's ventures is to take away the 3G spectrum and empower 5G to replace it, as the world is already transitioning to the modern network connections available to the public. 

THOR is also a way to empower 5G, but the only difference is that it would focus on times where it is needed, intended for the people who are in dire need of said connections. 

Of course, the public needs more of THOR, and it should not be coming only from Verizon, as matters of public safety and concern should also come from the concerned parties. 

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