Gov. Inslee's Shot of a Lifetime
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Governor Jay Inslee of the State of Washington has announced that COVID-19 vaccination rates have gone up as much as 24 percent due to the lottery which they held last June. "Shot of a Lifetime" has helped boosted vaccination in the state, with as many as 30,000 Washington residents joining the immunization campaign to win the prizes.

The lottery has put as much as $1 million for its grand prize this July, along with four winners of a $250,000 cash prize in the past weeks of June. Only eligible residents of Washington were allowed to join this promotion.

Inslee: 'Shot of A Lifetime' is Effective

In the recent tweet by Governor Inslee, the "Shot of A Lifetime" lottery has helped the State of Washington boost its vaccination rates and distribution to as much as 24 percent. The initiative itself has helped in getting the shots administered to people, having them act of their own volition to have the vaccine without any persuasion from health authorities.

Anti-vaxxers have presented a problem to the country's vaccination effort ever since December 2020, when the first round of Pfizer vaccine was distributed to health professionals and priority recipients. Early vaccination efforts were foiled by misinformation and conspiracy theories which have crippled the actions done by the government to distribute the dose.

It took them a lot of measures to ensure vaccines to be administered among the public, including that of Washington and Governor Inslee's initiative to hold a lottery to get people motivated.

According to King 5, "Shot of A Lifetime" has held its $250,000 cash prize draws every Tuesday of last June, with its grand draw to be chosen for the second Tuesday of this month, to take place next week, July 13.

Eligible participants are those who would have at least one dose of the vaccine against COVID-19.

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Incentives for Other States' COVID-19 Vaccination Boost?

Of course, having incentives for COVID-19 vaccination would boost the rates of immunization shots to be distributed among the public, particularly to those who have refused it the first time.

However, it is not something that should be promoted, especially as people should already think of the incentive to be the free vaccine and immunity against the virus.

Currently, there are no known incentivizing campaigns that were launched by other states, and only for Washington's "Shot of A Lifetime."

Biden's 'Knock on Door' Initiative

On the other hand, a different approach would be done by the President, as explained in the previous press briefing. Here, Biden has addressed that health officials will go to "knock on doors," of unvaccinated citizens to urge them in getting immunized as soon as possible.

They would also explain the benefits and effects of a vaccine, giving people knowledge about the campaign and having the doses injected into them.

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