How to Record Calls on Skype | Step-by-Step Process
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) How to Record Calls on Skype | Step-by-Step Process

Recording calls online on Skype should not be too hard. Whether it be for personal or professional use, Skype in-app recording should be made easier for everyone. 

Mashable shows just how easy it is to record calls on Skype. According to Skype, the in-app call recording feature was introduced back in 2018. Here's how users can easily save conversations without the need to use a separate screen.

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How to record Skype calls:

1. Check the skype version

Skype's call recording generally works on both the mobile and desktop version. The thing is, users will have to make sure that they are using the updated version of Skype. If the version of Skype is below the September 2018 version, the update might not work.

2. Make a Skype call

The good thing about the Skype recording feature is that it works on both audio and video calls. It can also be done with over two participants. If there is someone that shares their screen during the call, it will also be included in the recording. The thing is, the call will have to be between two Skype accounts. This means no landline or mobile numbers.

3. Click the "..." button

Once users are in a call, make sure to click on the "..." button in order to open a menu of different options. This can be located somewhere on the bottom right corner of the users' screen.

4. Click on "Start recording"

Now, users can finally start recording. Banners can be found up top to tell the user that their recording has finally started. This will also give users a notification when the call has started recording. 

The footage will automatically be saved on Skype's cloud itself so users won't have to worry about their storage space. The good thing about those recordings is that they can run for a full 24 hours! If the recording gets longer than that, it will have to be split into different files.

5. Click on "Stop recording"

This can be found in the top banner of the screen. Another option, of course, is for users to simply hang up the call. The record will then automatically turn into an mp4 file that can be easily downloaded through the Skype chat log. After 30 days, however, the file will then disappear forever.

6. To download, click the "⋮" for the desktop version and "Save" on the mobile version.

Mobile users can also click "Save to downloads" and desktop users can also click "Save as..." and the choice is completely up to users. Users can also use the menu in order to forward the recording to maybe another Skype user as well.

Skype recording is now easier than ever. It is important, however, to ask permission before recording a call as the contents might actually be private.

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