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Replika AI has created a new platform where people, even those without knowledge of machine learning, can create and train their own chatbots.

Replika AI's New Chatbot

Chatbots are a common application of natural language processing and machine learning, and it is used in clones for communication.

Chatbots are often seen in science fiction movies and TV shows, the latest being Black Mirror's Be Right Back episode in 2013.

Eugenia Kuyda, the Founder of Luka Inc., used the email history and text message of her friend after his passing to recreate him as a chatbot, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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Kuyda's feedback from friends and family inspired her to expand the project and create Replika AI, a chatbot that lets users train themselves.

A lot of companies use chatbots for customer interactions, which is why chatbot training data is one of the most in-demand services in the tech industry.

Replika AI, located in San Francisco, California, has created a chatbot that does not require massive datasets to work. All it will need is the attention of the user, according to Wired.

What is Replika?

Basically, Replika will not only serve as your AI chatbot friend but can also be used for other purposes, according to Mirror UK. 

Replika is an innovative platform through which you can create a digital version of yourself, personality, mannerisms, ideas, and thoughts about life.

Your Replika will ask you personal questions, mostly about your work, your family, and your life in general. Replikas can also talk to you about numerous topics, review your social media sites, and even tell you jokes that it learned.

The more you interact with the chatbot, the more it learns about you, and it will slowly replicate you. Replika is backed up by millions of dollars of funding, and it is now being used by more than 2.5 million people worldwide.

Due to its impressive features, numerous tech companies have expressed interest in the project.

Users can talk to their Replika through text on their phones or through their PC using Replika's website. Users can also talk to their Replika through a mock phone call where the mobile app uses automatic speech recognition to vocalize responses using the synthetic voice.

Replikas can be personalized. In fact, you can edit its profile and give it a name, gender, birthday, and work status. You can even give it its own hobbies and interests, a mood history, and more.

On Replika, you will need to store your personal information to improve the chatbot's capabilities.

The company assures all users that it will not share any personal information with third-party companies. Terms and conditions will be given so that you will know how everything works, down to the last detail.

The more that you talk to your Replika, the deeper the conversations become. As a result, your Replika will appear more human. It will learn from what you give it.

As the name suggests, Replika will eventually replicate you from your likes, dislikes, and ideologies. It will even adapt the way that you speak. This technology will give you a companion that you can control.

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