'Mass Effect Legendary Edition' is now getting a lot more attention from the gaming community, with one recent mod restoring something "big" that was cut for the remaster's release.

That something "big" is the rather weird camera angles focusing on the rear end of Miranda Lawson's character, which was first introduced in "Mass Effect 2" and appeared in the third game. A recent mod is bringing back the shots which were omitted from the Legendary Edition, writes Game Informer.

The mod, created by modder Scottina123, fully restores the original "butt shot" angles and is now available on Nexus Mods for those who want to check it out. But weirdly, Scottina123 is also responsible for the original mod released in 2018 that took the said camera angles away.

In "Mass Effect 3," there is a certain scene where Lawson and Commander Shepard talk about the former's sister via a holographic video call. The conversation itself was pretty serious and heartfelt, but then, the camera started panning down low and unceremoniously focused on Lawson's buttocks. Strangely enough, Bioware said that the camera angles weren't even planned.

Here is a video of the original camera angles, compared to the new ones included in "Mass Effect Legendary Edition:"

Of course, this is actually the second weirdly sexual mod for "Mass Effect Legendary Edition" that has come within the past few days. Earlier on, GameInformer also reported about another mod that turns Hanar NPCs (an alien race in the game that looks like floating jellyfish) into "juicy, sexy Hanar."

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'Mass Effect Legendary Edition:' Proof of the Mutual Respect Between Devs and Modders

Whether you like it or not, mods like the aforementioned two are part of the modding game scene. And not even "Mass Effect Legendary Edition" is exempt from these types of modifications, because frankly, gamers just want to do whatever it is they want. And that's something that the developers at Bioware have been known to respect.

When the Legendary Edition was getting close to release, Bioware revealed that they respected the series' modding community so much, they actually looked at fan-made mods as an inspiration for the enhancements in the remaster. And it's not just a random developer on the team that claimed this, but project director and long-time Bioware mainstay Mac Walters.

According to Walters, the team considered fan-made mods on Nexus's popular modding as "the minimum bar." From there, they tried going bigger, which they actually could do a lot more convincingly since they have access to all the original assets. In the end, the results came out good enough to make the now 14-year-old franchise worth experiencing on the next-generation consoles.

A Part of the Game

Mods like the one restoring Miranda Lawson's "butt shots" are an inevitable part of the "Mass Effect" series and even the game modding community in general. In fact, even something like the Legendary Edition (which already improves on the original version of the game series by a ton) can still offer a much better experience by installing mods.

Quite simply, it's "part of the game."

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