Google Pixel phones are coming this year. In August, we will be seeing the upcoming launch of Pixel 5a, but what to look forward to for the Pixel 6 batch in the next few months? According to the latest leak, the latter series will be featuring five-year software support just like what Apple is doing to its iPhones.

Google's flagship phone could receive this new upgrade which many OEMs have been doing over the past years. While this leak tells more about the company's commitment to improving their smartphones, we are not still sure if it would come with security and OS updates as well.

Google Pixel 6 Series to Have Software Support For Five Years 

Google Pixel 6 Series Phones to Reportedly Adopt Up to 5 Years of Software Support [LEAK]
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Google Pixel 6 phones are leaked to have five-year software support, according to a leaker. 

According to an exclusive report by FrontPageTech's Jon Prosser on July 9, Google will be launching a set of software updates that will be running for at least five years. The upgrade will be intended for the upcoming Pixel 6 phones.

At the moment, there is no assurance as to what technique will Google employ to strengthen the phones' security updates. In addition, it was not mentioned in the leak if the gadgets will have long-term OS updates. In fact, what Google wants to pursue here might be new for Android users but not for iPhone owners.

If the leak is true, the Pixel 6 phones will be the first Google smartphones to receive software support that could match Apple's products.

In the meantime, Google has been focused on silicon-based devices. The most recent was the "Whitechapel," GS101 silicon. It is expected that the company's future products will be having the same feature as well.

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Expected Launch of Google Pixel 6 Phones

Coming again from Prosser, the phones will be arriving "near October" of this year. Additionally, the insider wrote that the Pixel 6 series phones will be having an Android 12 OS plus the addition of the Wi-Fi 6E. Moreover, there will be a rumored phone which will be named "oriole," which will come with a 12MP ultra-wide cam, 50MP wide cam, and an 8MP cam in front.

This small Google gadget will also have 256 GB of storage and 8GB RAM. Meanwhile, its larger counterpart which has a codename under "raven" will have a 48 MP telephoto lens together with up to 512 of storage plus 12 GB RAM. It has a larger battery compared to "oriole:" 5000mAh compared to 4614mAh battery.

Given its impressive specs for a Google phone, the raven variant would be the first smartphone from the company to have the biggest RAM size.

Previous Pixel Leaks Are Wrong

From the XDA Developers' report, Prosser's previous leaks have erroneous outcomes such as the case of Pixel 5 and Pixel Ultra. Other than that, we are not sure if his leak this time could change the history of his assumptions.

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