Virgin Galactic is holding a "sweepstakes" raffle in partnership with Omaze that would give two civilians a chance to go to space aboard the Unity 22 for free. The trip would be the same as Richard Branson's, which recently launched earlier, which proved to be successful and safe as it returned to the founder of the multinational conglomerate.

And while it is true that money can buy you everything, it does not apply to all like some things in life come at a minimal fee. The historical civilian flight of Virgin Galactic's Unity 22 has proven that anyone can go to space, and even those without the money to pay for it.

Virgin Galactic Sweepstakes for Next Unity 22 Flight

Virgin Galactic Unity 22 Sweepstakes
(Photo : Virgin Galactic via Omaze)

The Virgin Galactic sweepstakes were made possible through its partnership with Omaze, which is partly sponsoring the raffle that gives people stakes on the possibility to join the next Unity 22 flight.

According to Omaze, a winner and one's chosen friend or companion would have two ticket entries for their flight to the "end of space," like the recent mission.

The sweepstakes would be more of a way to convince people to donate to "Space for Humanity" which is a venture that aims to make spaceflight more accessible to the public. It would have a different number of entries for a specific fee, with the lowest at a free chance, to $100 for 2,000 entries in the sweepstakes.

However, comparing it to the actual price of a ticket in the Unity 22, it is almost free or non-existent as it costs thousands of dollars to get on one.

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What Would it Feel Like to Have a Unity 22 Experience?

Omaze highlighted the different experiences one would get on the Unity 22 spaceflight, for the lucky winners of the draw, including reaching the "end of space." A video message from Richard Branson, a.k.a. crew member 001 of the Unity 22 flight last July 11, has the founder and CEO inviting people to take part in the experience and donate for a good cause.

Virgin Galactic Unity 22 Sweepstakes
(Photo : Virgin Galactic via Omaze)

The company which started the sweepstakes in partnership with Virgin Galactic said that it is almost a win-win for the charity, as well as the winning passengers who would get to experience space. Unity 22 is designed like an executive jet, with all seats being placed beside a window, and having 17 in total to view outer space.

In addition to that, mirrors are placed everywhere so people can see themselves when floating around the cabin, as it reaches the near zero-gravity area in outer space.

How to Join, When Will the Draw and Flight Be?

The spaceflight would take place in early 2022, as per Omaze, with the entry for its sweepstakes closing in on September 1, and its winner to be announced at "around September 29" this year.

Users would have a chance to place their donations and gain entries on Omaze's website, which would vary on the amount they would donate, from a free entry to as much as $100.

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