Amazon received an FCC waiver that allows them to track your sleep using radars, sensors, and other technology that can give them data on a person's sleeping routine or behavior. This would work well with accessories like the Amazon Echo or Echo Show, which may be paired with certain applications to be used for a person's wellness. 

It was known that Apple uses data from the Apple Watch to monitor a person's health and alert them or authorities when a likely emergency medical situation will or is occurring.

Amazon Can Now Track Your Sleep Thanks to FCC

Amazon Can Now Track Your Sleep
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According to a recent FCC document, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted Amazon the waiver it requested for sleep tracking among users and individuals. This would be done via an object that is capable of detecting sensors in a certain room or location like radar, LiDAR, sonar, and other technologies and devices. 

This to help the company learn more of a user's sleeping routine and behavior and would help the company better use the technology to their advantage and convenience. The waiver was applied by Amazon last June, and upon the deliberation of the government agency, it found that the company's venture would be of help to several users. 

Additionally, sleep tracking can only be done when the device is plugged into a power source, meaning that it would be done under the user's preference and decision to be tracked. That being said, wireless devices may need to be plugged in to charge for Amazon to continue this. 

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What Amazon Devices May Use Sleep Tracking?

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Amazon has numerous devices that may use sleep tracking, including that of the Amazon Echo speakers that have a built-in Alexa voice control, or that of the Amazon Echo Show that has a built-in touch screen.

Other wearables from Amazon may also be included in this venture, bringing a smartwatch from the company known as the Amazfit Bip Smart Watch that can also help in tracking data. 

Why is Amazon Tracking Your Sleep?

Although Amazon has not yet revealed its reasons for the sleep tracking data they would collect, it signifies a new venture with regards to wellness. There is a lot of sleep application which helps a person achieve the best possible rest they can through a series of exercise before bedtime and throughout the day, including breathing techniques.

That being said, it is also not yet confirmed if Amazon is in the process of developing a sleep application under the brand's name, its devices, or for an acquired application.

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