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"Forza Horizon 5" will use ray tracing to enhance more than just what you see, but also the things that you can hear within the game. 

The Forza Vista mode is a graphical technique that uses realistic lighting, reflections, and more to create more visually appealing car models that look better than ever before. 

Playground Games also thought of not using ray tracing just for their looks but want to incorporate better sound as well within the game. 

A New Experience

"Forza Horizon 5" creative director Mike Brown together with lead audio designer Fraser Strachan were questioned about the game's audio recently. They were asked what the many legions of fans and petrolheads can expect when traversing around the beautiful scenery of Mexico.

As it turns out, "Forza Horizon 5" will be using ray tracing to help set better audio for the game, which immerses players even more as they travel throughout the game's world.

The game will be able to send out ray-traced audio paths that can detect buildings, walls, and ceilings.

Once detected, it means you'll be able to hear more of the car's engine roar as the sound bounces off all the buildings that surround you and your vehicle, and changes when you change different environments.

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Developer Feedback

Strachan said, "As soon as we turned it on, it grounded the world in reality ... It made the world feel alive. If you're listening with spatial audio, something like Dolby Atmos with your headphones on, you'll be able to hear your car bouncing off the roofs as well."

Strachan also added that the material within the game has been set up with different types of the absorption coefficient. It means that the sound you can get against foliage or concrete can be entirely different, and what you'd normally expect it to sound like if you were in the real world. 

"So, it's really dynamic to the world around you."

NVIDIA Ray-traced audio will now affect the entirety of the game, even in multiplayer by using occlusion. This will enable the game to detect where every single car is about your car's range based on Comic Book's report. 

Plays Better on Xbox Series X/S

With ray-traced audio, multiplayer on Xbox Series X/S can be engaging as you'll know exactly where your opponents are even when not looking at the rear-view mirror.

The new consoles can bring a new compression format that allows for higher fidelity audio, as per TechRadar.

"Forza Horizon 5" on next-gen consoles will sound much cleaner and refined. Audio such as music, dialog, and especially car sounds are better than ever.

The team who created the game strove for excellence in how car recordings are made. This involved meticulous recordings of hundreds of cars on an airfield track. 

There will be over 320 brand new recordings for the game and it will feature a modular system for the very first time as per the request of the community. 

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