TAG Heuer x Super Mario $2,100 Smartwatch Limited Edition | Almost Half of James Bond 007's Watch and
(Photo : Screenshot From TAG Heuer website) TAG Heuer x Super Mario $2,100 Smartwatch Limited Edition | Almost Half of James Bond 007's Watch and

TAG Heuer is coming up with a Super Mario limited edition smartwatch that is selling for a whopping $2,100! The price of this smartwatch is almost half of James Bond's Casino Royale 007 Omega Seamaster 2220.80 watch that sells at $4,400 worn by Daniel Craig!

TAG Heuer Super Mario VS. Omega and Carl F. Bucherer

Although the price of this new smartwatch isn't quite as near as John Wick's Carl F. Bucherer ranging from at least $2,600 and up, as per Tourneau, for the rare collectible, the $2,100 for a Super Mario x TAG Heuer limited edition smartwatch is quite surprising! When talking about luxury, the price is almost half of Daniel Craig's famed Omega Seamaster 2220.80 watch that sells at $4,400 by EstateConsignments.

According to SuccessStory, the most expensive watch currently being sold by TAG Heuer is its TAG Heuer Mikrogrinder 10000 Watch currently fetching a price of $100,000. The cheapest TAG Heuer watch, on the other hand, according to WatchShopping is the TAG Heuer Formula 1 watch which retails at $1,200 but can be bought for just a little below $900.

TAG Heuer Limited Edition Super Mario Smartwatch

According to CNet, TAG Heuer's quite uniquely custom-designed watch now promises animated Super Mario watch faces that come along with gamified fitness animations. The dial becomes even more livelier the more the wearer stays active, according to TAG Heuer.

This is considered part of the design variation on Tag Heuer's existing and also expensive Google Wear OS-enabled smartwatches that have already been around in a number of iterations for years. The Super Mario animations vary in fitness goals and do sound quite cute.

Super Mario Smartwatch Achievements

Users can track their steps and even unlock rewards depending on the stage of their daily target like at 25%, 50%, 75%, and finally at 100% with animation plays. There are also other particular hardware details that are quite noticeable like the Mario "M" logos on the crown, the buttons on the bezel, and even a set of red and black leather as well as rubber straps.

The watch costs considerably less compared to an unopened Super Mario 64 game that just recently sold for almost a whopping $1.5 million. However, it is still quite a pricey smartwatch on the market.

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Google Wear OS Smartwatch

The TAG Heuer watch also doesn't really come with a new chipset or other additional software for Google's new upcoming Wear OS smartwatch revamp that is expected to come later this year. The upcoming updated Google Wear OS smartwatch revamp is expected to start coming with the line of Samsung's Galaxy watches. Samsung has unveiled a little bit about their upcoming smartwatches.

Although for a watch it might cost quite the amount, compared to other Super Mario memorabilia and other collectibles, this smartwatch might actually be worth the price to the right buyer. In fact, due to the "limited edition" properties of this watch, there is no way of telling if the watch will be even more sought after in the future.


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