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Amazon has got you covered with another PS5 restock for both digital and disc versions.

Stocks are limited as always, so better get yours now before doing anything else if you're still in the market for getting your own next-gen console at retail rates.

Amazon UK Sets The Price

Amazon UK is the place to go in order to order your brand new PS5 digital or disc versions. The PS5 disc version is priced at £449.99 ($600 or so plus shipping) and the PS5 digital version is £359.99 ($500 plus shipping.)

If you are one of the Amazon Prime members then you don't need to worry about shipping costs as they got you covered along with priority shipping as told by TechRadar.

PS5 bundles are more expensive than ever, and it's good to have the next-gen console on its own for the prices that are offered.

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Better Hurry 

Amazon has not had any stock of the next-gen console for weeks already, and it's still unclear as to when they will have another once these are all sold out.

Due to the popularity of the console, it almost always sells out within a blink of an eye. 

The PS5 console continued to be the most sought out console after its release back in 2020, and even a year later, people are still in need of it. Wherever there are stocks in any part of the globe, it's only just a matter of hours or even minutes until people hear about it that it's off the table once again.

We recently predicted a July full of PS5 consoles in a wide number of places in which you can get your PS5, and Amazon has announced it has available stocks out right now.

You can pin the post to make sure that you are up-to-date on any potential sites or stores that might have the console in the next coming days. 

Other stores to keep an eye on are Best Buy, B&H Photo, Costco, Newegg, GameStop, Target, Sony Direct, and Walmart. 

There's Good News

Despite its global demand, retailers are now constantly pushing out PS5 consoles every few weeks or even less.

This wasn't the case a year ago as it takes several weeks to even months before people hear about PS5 stocks being available again.

The last time there was stock for the next-gen console was just recently. There is also a PS5 restock tracker that is available if you choose to go that route. Following Twitter accounts from known users like @Wario64, @Jake_Randall_YT and the like can help you get newsnon restocks.

It's better to buy from trackers rather than scalpers as they charge way beyond the SRP.

If ever you miss out on Amazon's PS5 stock or want to know where to grab your own console real quick, continue following and watching out on news here at Tech Times since we bring you up to date news regarding this hot market item.

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