PS5 Restock July 2021 | Target, BestBuy, and GameStop
(Photo : Screenshot From PlayStation Official Website) PS5 Restock July 2021 | Target, BestBuy, and GameStop

PS5 restock July 2021 could be giving gamers new hope on purchasing the console directly from online retailers instead of scalpers. The problem now is not that there are no consoles being sold in the market. The problem is that the consoles being sold come from scalpers and are priced at almost twice the original PlayStation 5 SRP.

PS5 Restock July 2021

Although the Amazon Prime Day helped some gamers get their hands on new PS5 restock online, the supply was nearly enough for other buyers to be able to purchase the console as well. One significant difference, however, was that throughout June, there have been more PS5 restock happening than during the heavily scarce days of the console.

One way for buyers to increase their chances when it comes to purchasing the PS5 online stock is to follow PS5 restock tracker twitter accounts online. These accounts notify followers whenever there is new available stock online. An example of this is Wario64 which is an account on Twitter that has been able to help gamers purchase PS5 stock directly from online retailers and even Sony themselves.

Global Chip Shortage to Last Until 2023

As of the moment, Sony has admitted that the PlayStation 5 stock situation will not improve until 2023 due to the global chip shortage, according to an article by TomsHardware. The global chip shortage has affected not just the PS5 but also the supply of their competing console by Microsoft, the Xbox Series X. Aside from consoles, the GPU situation is also very tough.

While PS5 buyers only have to deal with scalpers, GPU buyers have to deal with both scalpers and crypto miners. Due to the demand for GPUs by crypto miners, regular gamers have been struggling to get their hands on GPUs at a fair price. Scalpers are buying out any remaining GPU whether AMD or NVIDIA and selling them at much higher prices.

PS5 Restock Online Retailers

Going back to the PS5, an article by TechRadar suggests that there could be new waves coming this July 2021. Amazon is also one of the retailers that could have new supply for the PS5 console since 1000s of stocks were leaked online. Although the leak is unconfirmed, it still gives buyers a reason to be excited.

Make sure to have accounts for the top online retailers selling the PS5 when it drops. The buyers' information must already be inputted in order to proceed with a smooth transaction when new stock arrives.

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Here's where to check for PS5 restock Online:

Check PS5 restock availability - Target

Check PS5 restock availability - Best Buy

Check PS5 restock availability - GameStop

Check PS5 restock availability - Amazon

Check PS5 restock availability - Walmart

In order to stand a chance against scalpers, make sure to turn notifications on for PS5 restock tracker accounts on Twitter to get instant updates as to when new stock will be available online.

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