Adapting to the new normal, Samsung has updated its SmartThings app to track energy usage across gadgets and appliances - a timely addition as people now spend more time indoors.

With the all new SmartThings Energy, users can now see the energy consumed by their Samsung appliances and HVAC equipment at home. The Korean multinational has also announced its plans to include other certified partners in the near future, with an emphasis on advancing energy management.

"People are spending more time at home and using their appliances more frequently, driving a need for larger capacity and better energy efficiency," said Chanwoo Park, Samsung Electronics' Vice President and Head of IoT Business Group, in the company press release. "Our consumers want to be part of building a better, more eco-friendly tomorrow, and we are proud to help them achieve that vision by offering a more energy-efficient smart home experience."

SmartThings Energy marks the latest effort in empowering its consumers to take charge of their energy usage and consequently, the eco footprint of their own household. It is viewed as the next level of the Korean electronics manufacturer's energy conscious effort, which goes back to its ENERGY STAR certified products - an industry trusted mark of efficiency and savings.

Just last April, Samsung received the rare ENERGY STAR Corporate Commitment Award from the US Environmental Protection Agency, for its "longstanding and multifaceted commitment to demonstrating leadership and partnership with ENERGY STAR and mitigating climate change."

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More than Just Energy Tracking

Aside from simply tracking your energy usage, SmartThings Energy also helps its users to better understand their ecological footprint and help reduce it with small tips and hacks. First, its updates are presented visually, which makes understanding the household's energy consumption easier and more intuitive. For example, the app could remind you to check the position of your refrigerator to make sure it gets its ventilation space or that you shouldn't be cramming too much stuff into it to allow efficient air flow.

Additionally, SmartThings Energy could be programmed to provide alerts and set energy usage limits, keeping you informed of events such as a television left open or the lights left on when they shouldn't be.

By improving the consumers' household energy IQ, the new Samsung SmartThings upgrade will help reduce monthly bills and even contribute to households having lower carbon footprint.

New SmartThings Energy Features

With the new SmartThings Energy app, users can quickly switch between monitoring all of their devices and viewing individual statistics on consumption and cost estimates. Aside from its customizable homepage, users can also enjoy the following features.

  • Monitor home appliance energy usage. Check the electricity and even water consumption from either a single piece of appliance or from multiple supported devices. Users can also see the current usage and compare it with their set targets and see their current consumption over time.

  • Discover consumption data. With its user-friendly data visualization, users better understand how each supported device contributes to their monthly bills.

  • Save energy as the app has notifications to tell users when they're using too much, or when they left a device running when it shouldn't be.

"We hope to build a suite of new advanced features to generate more savings for SmartThings users," Park added. "By combining the analytical features of SmartThings Energy with Samsung energy-efficient products, we are changing the game for consumers and empowering them to make smarter decisions about their energy consumption."

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