'X-Men' Arcade1up Available for Pre-Order | Here's Everything You Need to Know About This Retro Juggernaut
(Photo : Screenshot From Target Website) 'X-Men' Arcade1up Available for Pre-Order | Here's Everything You Need to Know About This Retro Juggernaut

"X-Men" Arcade1up is officially available for pre-order and for the fans of the classic Capcom x Marvel tandem, this arcade's a retro treat. Arcade games are making a comeback with the recent "Space Jam" game coming back in retro style. Here's everything you need to know about the "X-Men" Arcade1up.

'X-Men' Arcade1Up 4 Player Arcade

A popular restock tracker Twitter account, Wario64, just posted that the "X-Men" Arcade1up is now available for preorder. This 4 player arcade machine brings back the classic Marvel characters retro style.

A beefy description of the machine was uploaded on Arcade1Up's official website. According to the website, the new machine will provide an authentic arcade experience and is an absolute must have for man caves, family game rooms, or even a distraction at the office.

Retro 'X-Men' Game Includes Avengers?

The arcade is described as being able to play great, look great, and are also good instant conversation pieces. The character design comes straight out of the Marvel legendary "Pryde of the X-Men" animated plot. The 4 player "X-Men" arcade game was a smashing hit back in 1992. As of the moment, fans can still stream the older Marvel movies and other goodies on Disney+ but that's about it when it comes to 'X-Men' content today.

The game will allow players to play between beloved characters like Storm, Wolverine, Cyclops, Colossus, or Dazzler in a fight against the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants that are once again masterminded by Magneto. 4 players can play at the same time to provide endless fun.

The arcade even supports remote play with Live WiFi with the help of gamers everywhere. What's even more surprising about this arcade is that aside from just the "X-Men" players will also be getting the classic Captain America, the Avengers, and even The Avengers in Galactic Storm as well!

Here are the "X-Men" Arcade1up Package Inclusions:

  • WiFi enabled for players' online games

  • Custom shaped "cabinet" design

  • 17" color LCD screen

  • 3 Games in 1

  • Light-Up Marquee

  • Custom Riser

  • Light-Up Deck Protector

  • Molded Coin Door

  • Reel-Feel classic arcade controls

  • Coinless operation

  • Clear deck protector

  • Adjustable variable volume

  • Anti-tip over strap

  • In game settings menu

  • On-screen game selection menu

  • Directly plugs into an AC outlet

  • Very easy to assemble

  • Fully licensed

Marvel Focuses on Loki

While there hasn't been a lot of news about the "X-Men" as of lately, this arcade comes at just the right time when fans of "X-Men" haven't been hearing a lot about the world of mutants. As of the moment, Marvel has been focusing on its Avengers with Loki widely streamed across the world. Loki was even spotted on "Fortnite" just recently!

As for future "X-men" content, fans will just have to wait until Marvel decides to focus on the whole world of the mutants once again. As of the moment, the "X-Men" Arcade1up is the best that fans of the mutants can get.

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Pre Order the "X-Men" Arcade1up from the Following:

Target "X-Men" Arcade1up pre order

The Brick "X-Men" Arcade1up pre order

Walmart "X-Men" Arcade1up pre order

A YouTube video by Arcade1up shows what gamers will be getting on this arcade.


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