"The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD" was recently dropped on the Nintendo Switch on July 16, and people that had received it already are faced with challenges in the game. This includes that of the "Goddess Cube" locations and the missing kikwis that are proving to be a hardship for gamers but are manageable to locate.

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD
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It might not be the sequel to the next "Zelda" game as revealed by E3 2021 as "Breath of the Wild 2," but this release is still something gamers would enjoy, especially if returning to their roots in gaming with the Wii.

Goddess Cube Locations

Goddess Cubes, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
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According to Game Xplain's "Skyward Sword HD" walkthrough, at one part of the game, the story will introduce "Goddess Cubes" which is something that will be apparent in different parts of the game. It is a grey cube that has a "Goddess Crest" on it, left by Hylia scattered in the sky. Here, it would contain different keys and chests for people to collect.

There are a lot of Goddess Cubes scattered throughout the game, and it begins with Gorko, someone who would explain what it is and point the user where to find the first one, in the Deep Woods. Gorko would point the user to one location, but bear in mind that there are three in the area.

Here are all the locations of the Goddess Cube:

  • Deep Woods - Goddess Cube Count: 3
  • Faron Woods - Goddess Cube Count: 3
  • Eldin Volcano - Goddess Cube Count: 6
  • Lake Floria- Goddess Cube Count: 2
  • Lanayru Desert - Goddess Cube Count: 4
  • Lanayru Gorge - Goddess Cube Count: 1
  • Lanayru Mine - Goddess Cube Count: 1
  • Lanayru Sand Sea - Goddess Cube Count: 1
  • Pirate Stronghold- Goddess Cube Count: 1
  • Skipper's Retreat- Goddess Cube Count: 1
  • Skyview Temple - Goddess Cube Count: 1
  • Volcano Summit- Goddess Cube Count: 3

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Missing Kikwis

Kikwi, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD
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The Elder Bucha will require a user to look for three missing Kikwis, with its secret reward to be a slingshot and Princess Zelda's location. According to Gaming with Abyss, users need to head to Bucha for this, which would then cascade into a quest for Link.

  • First Kikwi - Hole under the tree, and up the vine from Elder's location
  • Second Kikwi - Falling down a pit, after a passage across the hill.
  • Third Kikwi - Same route as second kikwi's overpass, continue forward (instead of going right). Remove the grass, battle bokoblins again, move up the hill and past the tree where a hole can be crawled into, and the Kikwi is awaiting Link.

'The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD': Is it Good?

The "Skyward Sword" was a massive hit for the Nintendo Wii before, and old-time gamers have been excited with its arrival for the Switch. And while several elements like its motion controls were changed, it still packs the story and plot of the game, something which for gamers to enjoy and relive.

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