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"Call of Duty: Warzone" still has problems with cheaters, even with Raven Software issuing the first anti-cheat update after two months.

The "Call of Duty: Warzone" game community is not happy with the rampant and blatant cheating happening within the game.

Famous figureheads within the game called out Activision to do more, which resulted in thousands of bans days after.

Cheating Epidemic

With over 100 million players playing the massively popular battle royale game, it's hard for Activision to remove all the rotten eggs within its basket. There have been several complaints regarding cheating within "Warzone," and it's only intensified this year with everyone staying at home.

Just earlier this month, ZLaner, a famous "Call of Duty" content creator, pleaded to Raven over at Twitter to do something about the cheating within the popular battle royale game, thanks to Eurogamer's report. 

Raven announced shortly after that they have issued two "Warzone" ban waves that totaled to 50,000 accounts. 

The last time Raven issued an anti-cheat update was on May 14, as the developer said it had removed 30,000 accounts. 

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Players Are Still Not Happy

Raven and Activision both have zero tolerance with regards to cheaters across all platforms, especially within their game. However, a great proportion of gamers still think the banning wave is just not enough.

Another popular "Call of Duty" YouTube Content Creator, JGOD, tweeted saying that the number "should be much higher."

He says that there are at least a dozen or more that sit comfortably at the top of leaderboards that have slipped past every ban since the launch of the game.

"I could only imagine how many get missed with these waves," as JGOD said.

"Call of Duty: Warzone" community is still feeling skeptical about the efforts that both Activision and Raven Software really have, as there have been more videos shown in the "Warzone" subreddit showing cheating.

Some videos also showed streamers who were also cheating as well.

Why The Wait?

Activision has shown that it can work quickly once called to action, but why wait for people to actively call out the company of its cheating problem?

Mainly because as a free-to-play game and a massively popular one, the game has millions and millions of accounts that would take time to get them all, if that's ever possible.

Activision is still struggling to keep track of all the cheaters within its game.

Such are the cases of other companies who have free-to-play platforms where cheaters always find a way to create more accounts, despite the companies' best efforts.

With the upcoming release of the Season 6 update for "Call of Duty: Warzone," we'll only have to wait and see what Activision and Raven will do with the undoubted influx of new players and cheaters coming to the game to complete all there is to come with the update.

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