Chase Harmer Transforms the Face of Fintech
(Photo : Chase Harmer )

ProfitPay is a globally acclaimed firm in the Fintech industry. The company was started in 2014 when financial technology was a brand new concept in the market. A significant amount of time has passed since its initiation, as it has emerged as a Fintech giant. ProfitPay is a digital platform, which assists people to engage in digital banking, card issuing and payments conducting business without borders. The company aims to inculcate faster payment processing software into its system and safeguard the interest of its customers. Chase Harmer recently announced the company's partnership with another Fintech institution. Now customers can also enjoy numerous other services such as payment link invoices, cards-on-file, and pre-authorizations of payments.

Chase Harmer is the founder and CEO of ProfitPay. He states his contentment by saying, the reason for ProfitPay's success is its uniqueness and trailblazing features. While we applauding the amazing foundation laid by Chase, we can never ignore the journey behind building this huge empire. At the age of 19, he started working in banking and after grinding for 8 years in the hotel space travelling non-stop to help hoteliers curating a portfolio of properties he recognized the need to incorporate technology into his business so that he can eradicate all the unnecessary hurdles out of his process. It's been more than 6 years since the company commenced its operation. as it has transitioned into an all-new structure that can challenge future requirements.

Fintech is an advanced step towards bettering the financial arena. Though the old systems had their pros, Fintech assures a completely new and efficient experience to all. When Chase decided to commit to this business, he was utterly astonished by the various benefits it presents. ProfitPay was birthed with an approach to make people familiar with the comforts of digitalization.

When asked about his entrepreneurial journey, Chase Harmer explains his interaction with numerous problems as a beginner. When he took the responsibility of a founder, he truly realized the efforts required to bring about the change. During the preliminary stage, he changed the pivot of his operation numerous times. He became consistent with his efforts and forged a path for himself every time he experienced a setback. He says, manifesting your reality and being ready to burn is what makes a founder.

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