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"MLB The Show 21" is the first sports video game that offers cross-play between Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Now, San Diego Studio wants the players to show off their pitching and batting skills and compete against each other for a cash prize. 

MLB The Show 21 Summer Circuit Tournament

"MLB The Show 21" Summer Circuit Tournament is the game's first cross-platform competition. It will be the same as the circuits held for "MLB The Show 20," and players will be fighting for different prizes, including stubs for in-game content and money.

Players who are interested in competing must build a Diamond Dynasty team first in the "MLB The Show 21" so it can be used in the competition, according to Game Rant.

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The winner of the competition can get up to $15,000 in cash prize. However, that is not the only potential reward for those who will win the challenges, according to PlayStation Blog.

MLB The Show 21 Tournament Qualifications and Prizes

The Summer Circuit will start on July 24. It will be the first of three different Open Qualifier stages before the Finals competition, according to The Show.

All "MLB The Show 21" players must be 18 years old and above in the United States and Canada. Players must also register on Battlefy first, and they must be able to play on any console.

All qualifiers will serve as a Swiss tournament system. Those who make it through the first day of a qualifier will be able to compete for the next day in a single-elimination bracket.

The top 64 players that won the three different Open Qualifiers will then compete against each other in a single-elimination format for the Finals.

The lucky players that make it to the final four of the Grand Finals will have to log in to the San Diego Studio Twitch channel to continue with the competition.

The total cash prize at stake is $25,000 for Grand Finals participants, as well as stubs and MLB merchandise prizes.

Aside from the $15,000 prize, the winner will also get a $1,000 MLB Shop digital gift card, a ball that was used in this year's Home Run Derby, and 1,050,000 stubs for purchases in "MLB The Show 21."

There could also be a Fall Circuit series for the game players to compete in, so those who can't make it this summer will still have a chance to compete.

The players' success in the tournament will depend on how well they can master the new features in "MLB The Show 21," like improving their swing timing, batting and pinpoint pitching. 

As mentioned in our previous article, the "MLB The Show 21" game guides are now available to players, with tips on how to improve your swing time, your speed, and how to throw out base runners included.  

Players are also encouraged to practice with the other team members aside from the ones they have in Diamond Dynasty.

As for those who wants to try an online competition but is not ready for the Summer Circuit yet, they can enter the "MLB The Show 21" Exhibition Tournaments instead.

"MLB The Show 21" is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

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