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PC game "Humankind" cut its ties with Denuvo just days before its official release. Denuvo is supposed to ward off hackers or people who want to exploit the game for their games.

The separation was because developers of "Humankind" found out Denuvo was problematic with the game.

Denuvo Still Not Optimized

The highly anticipated game that can become a firm contender to the "Civilization" franchise is experiencing unexpected bugs and glitches while Denuvo runs in the background, as reported by Kotaku

During a closed beta test by developers Amplitude Studios, they asked for feedback regarding the game.

They got testers saying they are having issues impacting performance with the game, especially with Denuvo.

This is a known issue with games running Denuvo or digital rights management (DRM) in the background.

We recently covered a post regarding "Resident Evil Village" having the same issue. A hacker compared a pirated game without Denuvo and the original game, with the former running much smoother.

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Developers Cut Ties With Denuvo

On a forum post by the developers, they made the call to remove Denuvo before the official game release on August 17. 

Romain de Waubert, studio head and COO, said that they asked the players for their feedback and that they had a thorough discussion. He said that based on the data from the the Closed Beta, they have decided not to include Denuvo in Humankind at launch. 

De Waubert said that their initial decision involving Denuvo was because of the team's work and efforts making the game; and that they didn't want their efforts being taken away from them from the means of pirating.

The game has been in development for more than four years and has been a personal project of de Waubert for 25 years already.

Even if Denuvo can help the pirated version not come out for at least a few days, it will greatly help his team.

Best Possible Experience For Gamers

De Waubert and his team ultimately decided to remove Denuvo entirely, given that their goal is to give gamers the "best possible experience" for those who buy and support the game. 

Denuvo isn't supposed to hinder that experience for the player base, and de Waubert says that he would not risk sacrificing the quality for the game's players.

The software is supposed to stop pirated copies of the game from being downloaded anywhere else. The problem is, it seems to affect the performance of games running it.

The fans are taking the decision with high expectations that the game would run better without the DRM software.

However, there is still more DRM software out there than Denuvo, and the studio still has not commented on whether they would go for another company to help them out or not.

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