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The "Resident Evil Village" PC hacked version is working better than the original because of no lag and stutters. 

The original PC version runs poorly due to Capcom's anti-tampering measures, as hackers have discovered. Many gamers have reported that "Resident Evil Village" is unplayable with frequent stuttering on the PC version.

Hackers Discovered the Reasoning Why

PC players tried the hacked version of the game spreading to several sites and observed a remarkable difference. The hacked version now suggests that the original version with Capcom's DRM is affecting the game's overall performance. 

A hacker called Empress had this to say, "All in-game shutters like the one from when you kill a zombie are fixed because Capcom DRM's entry points are patched out so most of their functions are never executed anymore,"

Empress says that the Resident Evil Village gameplay now feels like a "much smoother experience" compared to the game's original version.

More Tests Done on "Resident Evil Village"

DSOGaming, the first to report on the issue, went on and did further tests. After they played two hours of the pirated version, they did not experience any or all game stuttering. They also said that "even the catacombs at Lady Dimitrescu's castle, an area notorious for its stuttering issues when killing enemies, was stutter-free."

Oscar Taylor-Kent, a Play writer, says that Resident Evil Village is a classic case for the "more is more" theory. Meaning that using deeper gameplay systems, reward items, and the sort can transform the experience more since the gameplay only lasts for 10-12 hours of runtime.

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Community Backlash

A lot of the gaming community feels irritated with Capcom's DRM issues, making the game unplayable in some instances reported by Eurogamer

Digital Foundry said, "We loved 'Resident Evil Village' on Consoles, but unfortunately, our opinion of the PC port isn't quite so positive," back when "Resident Evil Village" was released on PC.

They continued by saying that RE Engine is doing well in terms of the overall game but is disappointed by their choices that pertain to bugs, glitches, and design choices. 

Denuvo has been a subject of scrutiny within the PC gaming community, and "Resident Evil Village" having another issue because of the software irking the community even more. Denuvo has hurt overall PC performance since it was created. 

However, Denovo and game publishers have insisted that this is not the case. The reason for Denuvo was to prevent pirated games from ever happening. However, more and more pirated games seem to be showing up on popular websites despite Denuvo being present in the game.

Does it now raise the question from the community that if it is essential for Denovo to still be present in games now that it affects PC optimization and performance? Or are they better off without it?

There have been a total of 4.5m copies of "Resident Evil Village" that are already sold worldwide. Village sold faster than "Resident Evil 7" and might overtake it in sales if the trend stays the same. 

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