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Intel Alder Lake 12th gen has gotten another leak, and it seems to be performing way better than expected. It is potentially rivaling AMD Ryzen 5950X in terms of performance on both single and multi-core performance.

Cinebench scores have come out, which tested the performance of both Intel and AMD processors head-to-head.

Twitter Leak

The leak came from none other than Raichu with the tag @OneRaichu, who claimed to have the results for an early qualification sample of the 12900K (pre-release model). The 12th gen processor was water-cooled and tested with Cinebench R20.

The 12900K Alder Lake flagship sample hit 810 in single-thread and 11,600 in multi-thread in CinebenchR20.

VideoCardz pointed out that the results of the Ryzen 9 5950X have been out-classed. The 12900K is 26% faster in single-core and 11% faster in multi-core performance. The scores are looking good for Intel already, as it's still not entirely done. 

We also covered benchmarks about the 12th generation, which stated that the new Intel chip wasn't as good as people said. This latest leak has debunked that story.

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A Fair Warning

Raichu, the initial person who leaked the data, warned people that this is only a single test. Not to mention that it was only tested out in just one tool, which is Cinebench20.

There are many other tests that can still be used that can maybe show different results, which means it can go either way for Intel or AMD.

Raichu also stated that the power consumption of the Alder Lake could be quite problematic as it drains over 200W when running at full Turbo mode. The statement from leaker is also noted by one of the leaks, saying that it will come with a base TDP of 125W with a max power output of 228W. 

However, it's still better than the Rocket Lake 11900K, which used 250W for PL2.

No Response From Team Red

What's interesting to note is that with all the leaks coming out about the 12th gen Intel chip is that AMD has kept quiet as rumors regarding the next generation of AMD processors won't happen until late in the year 2022.

However, AMD still might do something during the interim, with a theory revolving around the Ryzen 5000 XT refresh. The refresh still won't seem to be enough if the rumored 12900K tests on Cinebench R20 would be any indication. 

The AMD revamp might also be using the all-new 3D Chiplet technology, but it would be tough to compare with the new 12th gen chip, and maybe Team Blue would once again be in the lead.

It is also because Windows 11 and Alder Lake chipsets would have the preferred synergy as compared to Ryzen chipsets.

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