An Alabama doctor's Facebook post is being circulated online amidst the rise in COVID-19 cases not just in the state, but in the whole U.S.

Dr. Brytney Cobia's post shares the experience of "admitting young people, healthy people" with serious COVID infections and encourages vaccination at the same time. 

As of press time, the Facebook post has been shared 5,800 times. 

Alabama Doctor's Facebook Post: "I'm Sorry, But It's Too Late."

The Alabama doctor's Facebook post shares how one of the last things young people with serious COVID-19 infections do before they are intubated is to beg the doctor for a vaccine. 

"I hold their hand and tell them I'm sorry, but it's too late," the Dr. Cobia's Facebook post reads. She shares that in the midst of comforting the loved ones of deceased COVID-19 patients, she tells them that the best way to honor the one who passed away is to get themselves vaccinated. 

Her post also reflects certain truths that have contributed to the rise of COVID-patients. Family members of COVID-19 patients have told her that they thought the pandemic is just a hoax or something political. Some have said they thought having a certain blood type or skin color made them immune to the virus. 

"They thought it was a hoax. They thought it was political. They thought because they had a certain blood type or a certain skin color they wouldn't get as sick. They thought it was 'just the flu,'" the Alabama doctor's Facebook post says. 

"They wish they can go back. But they can't," Dr. Cobia adds. 

The Alabama doctor's Facebook post comes as experts have already warned that the Delta variant will be an extreme threat to the country, especially in areas with low vaccination rates. Alabama is one those areas. 

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22 Alabama Children Hospitalized Due to COVID-19

22 children have been hospitalized in Alabama as COVID-19 cases in the state continue to surge due to the Delta variant. 

One of the young patients is an infant admitted at the East Alabama Medical Center. 

"It's been a consistent increase. The past ten days, we have seen the explosion," said Alabama Hospital Association President Dr. Don Williamson, as quoted in a report by local news site WRBL

According to Dr. Williamson, cases admitted in hospitals ten days ago averaged at 190 patients a day. The average is now at 554 cases. 

22 of those cases have been children. "That is worrisome because not only are you concerned about how they are going to handle the virus as individuals, but what it says about spread in the community," he said. 

One infant has been hospitalized due to fever associated with COVID-19. The child's mother, Hanna Tielking, has said that it is the second time the baby has been admitted due to COVID, according to WRBL. 

Alabama Has Lowest COVID-19 Vaccination Stats

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According to NBC, the state of Alabama has the lowest COVID-19 vaccination rates in the U.S. Citing state statistics, the report says that only 38% of Alabama's population has gotten at least a first dose, while 31% have been fully vaccinated. 

President Joe Biden has already asked COVID-19 vaccination efforts to "knock on doors" in an effort to get people vaccinated on the spot. 

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