Twitter New Feature Beta Testing for Upvote/Downvote | Reddit Reacts 'Interesting'
(Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website) Twitter New Feature Beta Testing for Upvote/Downvote | Reddit Reacts 'Interesting'

Twitter's new feature is rolling out its beta testing for a new but really familiar feature. The company could be rolling out the upvote and downvote feature while Reddit reacts.

Twitter New Feature

Twitter has been making conscious efforts to evolve its social media service. Whether it is through introducing a paid subscription option that reportedly adds an "undo" button or maybe deleting the Fleets from the app for good, the company has definitely been busy.

According to AndroidPolice, the platform has been ever-evolving through the year to offer a unique social network that users love to hate. A brand new Twitter beta testing introduces the new upvote and downvote options that are specifically for replies made on a Tweet.

Twitter Beta Testing for iOS Users

As of the moment, only time will really tell as to whether the feature will really be made available for a wider audience. Twitter's official support account notes that the app is still testing this particular interface along with just a small selection of iOS users.

There are reportedly three different variants that are available which would include standard up and down arrows along with the yet another similar thumbs. The article notes that the feature comes with the weird option which is a mix of the "like" heart as well as a downvote icon.

Twitter Upvote and Downvote

These particular features won't really appear on the standalone tweets but just replies and only the upvotes will reportedly be seen by the public. Downvotes, on the other hand, are still currently hidden from view. Twitter has been making an effort in other features as well like misinformation labels.

Quite unsurprisingly, a number of users are noticing the similarities when it comes to the Twitter voting options and that of, well, the classic Reddit options. Included in the number of people that have noticed is the site's very own social media manager that simply replied to the Tweet with a GIF that said "interesting."

Could the Feature be Harmful?

The general response to the particular beta test, as of the moment, still seems to be negative. This is while users are pondering whether this feature will only unleash even more toxicity on people's favorite hell site.

The article by Android Police noted that taking notes from Reddit's popular favorability system is currently probably better compared to what happened last month with Facebook's recent react experiment. As of the moment, one of the most sought after features is the editable tweets.

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Twitter Editable Tweets

As of the moment, however, there is still no confirmation as to when and if the feature will really come out. Twitter users have expressed their interest in this feature but it still really depends on whether or not Twitter will decide to officially roll the feature out.

As of the moment, the social media platform is still experimenting with other features. When it comes to the editable tweets, however, users will have to wait and see what the company decides to do or if the feature will really launch. A previous report shared how Twitter could be charging users $3 in order to delete their tweets through subscription.

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