How to Get Back Your Sense of Taste and Smell After COVID-19
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) How to Get Back Your Sense of Taste and Smell After COVID-19

Going through COVID-19 is not easy for anyone, and once an individual recovers, they might still have difficulties getting back their sense of taste and smell.

There are a few things that can be done to help these individuals regain their senses.

The NHS on Smell and Taste

According to the story by TheWestMorlandGazette, losing one's sense of smell can affect what they can taste.

Although the article noted that naturally, an individual's sense of taste and smell will recover after a couple of weeks or months, the NHS has issued advice to assist individuals in regaining their smell and taste.

There are a few things that can be done in order to help improve the individuals' lost senses. It was noted that rinsing the inside of one's nose with saltwater solution could help for those experiencing infection or allergy.

COVID-19 has had a great deal of effect on certain things like face surgery.

There are reportedly available sachets of saltwater solution and devices to help individuals rinse their noses available in a number of pharmacies throughout the UK. The NHS, however, has still provided guidance to make one at home.

Smell Training for COVID-19 Recovery

1. Try boiling a pint of water then simply leave it to cool.

2. Make sure to mix a teaspoon of salt as well as a teaspoon of baking soda either, the bicarbonate of soda, directly into the water.

3. Make sure to keep the hands clean.

4. Stand over a sink with and cup the palm of one hand as well as pour a small amount of the solution directly into it.

5. Sniff some of the solution up a nostril, just one at a time, and simply let it run out of the individual's nose. It might actually help for individuals to hold their other nostril close while they sniff.

6. Repeat the steps again for a few times and see if it works on the individual.

The article noted that individuals do not need to use the entire batch of solutions, but they do need to use a new batch every single day. It is important not to reuse any of the leftover solutions from the previous day.

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For More Info, Contact the NHS

Although the individual's sense of smell will most likely return after a few weeks or maybe a few months, the NHS noted that the treatment called "smell training" could help expedite the process.

Smell training works by actively sniffing the exact same four scents everyday. This would mean spending around 20 seconds on every scent, and specifically concentrating on what they are doing.

For additional information, individuals can visit

For those that try the method and still haven't had their sense of smell return, it might be worth seeking direct advice from their GP. For additional information regarding COVID-19 in relation to the loss of taste and smell, individuals should check out the official NHS website.

It is very important to understand the risks of COVID-19 to all ages, not just the older ones, in order to follow the needed measures to avoid catching the virus.

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