'League of Legends wild Rift:' 10 Tips on How to Play Like a Pro
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Want to play like a pro? Here are the 10 tips that will help you reach that in 'League of Legends: Wild Rift.'

Popular Riot game "League of Legends" saw success in its PC version since its official launch in 2009. Right now, the ever-expanding video game has also landed on mobile through the "LoL: Wild Rift." 

Players often compare it to another game, "Mobile Legends," but they differ in mechanics at some point. That's why players need to follow some steps if they want to climb the ranks of the pros.

To dominate the "League of Legends: Wild Rift" edition, here's a short guide that you should follow that will help you play like a pro, as per The Gamer.

1. Know the Map Well

In all MOBA games, players should be well-versed in every location on the map. As a beginner, you should familiarize yourself with the starting point, jungle camps, and enemy spots. From there, you are already one step away from your foes.

2. Last Hits

You won't thrive in the "League of Legends: Wild Rift" if you do not know how to hit the creeps. Killing the minion will give you gold and experience, that's why you should practice the timing when to slay it.

3.Master the Hero

Using a champion while you have no idea about his/her skills would put your team in danger.

Before using a hero, make sure that you understand his/her skills, and how they can help the team. It will also help you have a flexible build that you can use depending on the situation.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

This might sound cliche, but the continuous practice of playing your favorite champions will help you become a better "LoL Wild Rift" player.

Always review your games after playing, so you can evaluate your strengths and weaknesses during the game.

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5. Play Middle Lane/ Jungle

There are times that you need to carry your team, and this is the time to step up.

Play many games as a jungler or mid laner so you can have the greatest impact in the game. "League of Legends: Wild Drift'' is dependent on rotations, and your role is to maximize your contribution to your team through these roles.

You can visit here if you want to check the best mid laners in the game.

6. Test Different Builds

The biggest mistake that beginners make is to stick with the regular build. The game is changing and you should adapt to it. Continue to explore other options that would fit the team fights.

7. Start with Few Champions

Spamming or the repetitive use of champions is not wrong since you are still learning the game. Using Lee Sin for three straight games, for example, will help you assess your problems and advantages with the hero.

This technique works best in ranked mode since the champions that you should use are the ones that you are familiar with.

8.Game Awareness

"League of Legends: Wild Rift'' is not all about killing and last hitting. Your map awareness is also a crucial key to win the game.

For instance, if you see that the enemy mid laner is missing, you should report it to your teammates to avoid surprise ganks.

9.Team communication

Discussing matters with your team should be one of your priorities in the game. Miscommunication can lead to wrong setups during ganks at crunch time. You should focus on sharing your insights with your team to increase your chances of acing the game.

10. Focus on Objectives

Killing will not help you win the game alone. Taking objectives, such as turrets, should be your focus this time. Always look around the map for a potential objective, and do not forget to stick with your team if needed.

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