WhaleLive, the free and ad-supported live streaming platform by ZEASN, now hosts the Jukin Media channel - bringing a range of its TV channels to the platform.

With the new partnership between ZEASN and Jukin Media, tens of millions smart TVs that are powered by ZEASN's Whale OS, including huge brands like Philips, AOC, and other OEMs, it only means it will now have access to Jukin Media streaming channels such as People Are Awesome, WeatherSpy, FailArmy, and The Pet Collective.

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Boosting Growth for Both Parties

"Our streaming TV channels continue to grow at an incredible rate across Europe, and this partnership with a premier platform like WhaleLive will put us in millions of additional homes," said Jukin Media Senior Director of Business Development for EMEA Joe Nilsson. He notes that as the ad-supported F.A.S.T. ecosystem rapidly expands across europe, Jukin Media leads the way as a digital-first company as it successfully adds a healthy streaming TV business to its verticals.

Meanwhile, ZEASN Regional Director for Europe & LatAm Thomas Li stresses the "strong need for high quality entertaining content" in the growing European market. With their industry and market-proven technology, Jukin Media will expand its global footprint to new and exciting markets.

"This is a significant addition to WhaleLive's premium content library, and we continue to focus on bringing well-established brands and compelling content from leading content owners into our platform," Li shared.

The partnership follows Jukin Media channels maintaining its year-over-year (YOY) growth, having global viewership for more than 10 billion minutes in 2021. In Europe alone, Jukin's channels saw a 165 percent YOY growth.

Meet the New Channels ZEASN WhaleLive Subscribers

ZEASN WhaleLive has become the go-to streaming service in various parts of the world, thanks to empowering its subscribers with access to their favorite cable channels. With Jukin Media lending its channels in the platform, users can now watch from the following:

  • People Are Awesome. For thrill-seekers, adrenaline junkies, and people wanting to go viral, People Are Awesome is the channel to tune in to. The first Jukin Media channel compiles epic and breathtaking videos - awe-inspiring stunts, high-octane highlights from extreme sports, and the most innovative tricks you'll ever find. The viral, inspirational, and generally jaw-dropping show - now on ZEASN WhaleLive - has already garnered 65 million fans across social media plus an average of 435 million video views every month.
  • WeatherSpy. With the intention of informing and rousing the curiosity of younger audiences, WeatherSpy has specialized programming that includes global weather patterns, highlighting the best places for finding the sun, going surfing, or playing in the sand and snow. It also follows some coolest outdoor jobs - dangerous and adventurous - including those that allow us real-time access to weather and climate information anytime, anywhere.
  • FailArmy. Going after the latest in online humor and Internet culture, FailArmy remains one of the largest digital media brands in the world as far as "funny," and "viral" are concerned. With the FailArmy channel coming to ZEASN WhaleLive, audiences will always have the latest and most outrageous content: pranks, stand-up comedy, as well as original series.
  • The Pet Collective. For pet lovers everywhere, The Pet Collective is your new hangout place, bringing joy to pets and pet owners, especially for the urban millennial pet parents. With the best pet videos, news, products, and tips and tricks, this Jukin Media channel has already made its mark across tens of millions of similarly minded fan bases across the world.

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