"Halo Infinite" will not be released until the holiday season later this year, but the game's developers are giving fans a little taste of what is to come. 

343 Industries, the developer of the game, has announced that it will be conducting a series of beta phases it refers to as "flights."

It is important to note, however, that only a select number of players can take part in these "Halo Infinite" beta phases. 

'Halo Infinite' Flights: How to Get a Chance to be Part of the Beta Phases

Halo Infinite
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The "Halo Infinite" flights may not be available for everyone, but there are steps players can take in order to have a chance to take part. 

According to a post on the official "Halo" website, 343 Industries said that players need to have a verified Halo Insider account. 

To have a verified Halo Insider account, players simply have to register for Halo Insider using their gametags. The email used for the Halo Insider account must then be verified. Players then have to select the options to opt-in for communications, followed by the opt-in for "flighting."

When is the 'Halo Infinite' Technical Preview?

So when exactly can the select players enjoy the technical preview? According to 343 Industries, it has "been given the okay to say our first Bot-focused technical preview could happen as soon as next weekend."

343 Industries also said that prior to technical preview, it is planning to do a livestream to discuss the actual built that will be previewed during the flights. The livestream will also walk players through "every facet of the technical preview."

As of press time, no definite date has been given either for the technical preview or for the livestream that precedes it. 

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First 'Halo Infinite' Technical Preview to Focus on Bot Features

According to a report by IGN, "Halo Infinite's" first technical preview will focus on the game's bot features. 

"Halo Infinite" Head of Creative Joseph Staten referred to the multiplayer bots as one of his favorite features in the game. 

"In the early Halo games, they were a feature that we always wanted to land but that consistently got cut due to limited time and resources," he said as quoted in the blog post on the Halo website. 

Staten added that he is "very happy we've been able to make them happen this time around."

"Halo Infinite's" Head of Creative revealed in the blog post that these will be four different kinds of bots: Recruit, Marine, ODST, and Spartan. According to the IGN report, the Spartan bot is the "hardest bot skill level to compete against naturally."

What is 'Halo Infinite'

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"Halo Infinite" is an upcoming first-person shooter game that serves as the sixth main entry of the "Halo" video game franchise. Overall, it is the 16th "Halo" video game ever released.

The upcoming game will be playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows. "Halo Infinite's" multiplayer mode will be free-to-play. 

The game has no definite release date as of writing but developers have offered a holiday 2021 timeframe. 

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