Two former leaders from cybersec companies Dragos and Crowdstrike recently announced teaming up for a new company, SynSaber, and securing $2.5 million in seed funding.

Jori VanAntwerp leads SynSaber as Co-Founder and CEO and Rob Fabela as Co-Founder and CTO. Together, they are leading the new company that works to develop a "technology-agnostic solution" that allows a simple and effective low-hardware, low-hassle asset and network monitoring solution that provides continuous insight and info into the status, vulnerabilities, and threats across every point in an organization's industrial ecosystem - the cloud, the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and on-premise systems.

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Securing Seed Funds to Boost Growth

Together with their launch announcement, SynSaber also shared that it will have a seed round funding led by cybersecurity investment firms SYN Ventures, Rally Ventures, and Cyber Mentor Fund. The new startup will be using the initial seed funding to boost its product development, channel relationships, and go-to-market sales.

"SynSaber plans to put hero over hardware by empowering industrial operators rather than overwhelming them, making great operators even better," shared VanAntwerp in a company press release. "SynSaber will be delivering a game-changing approach to industrial visibility and security, as the solution will be the first to be deployed on-prem or in the cloud and can integrate seamlessly with existing current technology investments."

The new company aims to fill a unique position in the market, stressing the importance of operators and analysts as "security rockstars." These experts are empowered to see better, know, and decide on how to protect industrial systems and defend critical cybersecurity infrastructure. Once it makes its platform available later this year, the SynSaber solution will give unparalleled awareness of its systems, allowing operators to act and defend with unmatched precision. The "sabers," or standalone sensing environments, will help administrators monitor everything and collect data from IIoT, legacy computing, mechanical, and more.

"What particularly drew our strong interest and initial investment into the company is the proven and experienced team with strong operational and information technology experience coupled with the fact that they are building something not just for the here and now, but the future, something that can easily scale, adapt, and pivot as necessary," said Patrick Heim, SYN Ventures Managing Partner.

The People and the Company

Jori VanAntwerp recently served as Vice President of Sales at Gravwell and was the Director of Solutions Architects at the industrial cybersecurity company Dragos. Over the last fifteen years, VanAntwerp held different cybersecurity leadership roles at McAfee, FireEye, and CrowdStrike, working with teams of industrial and IT cybersec professionals and navigating complex challenges, and developing innovative solutions to address them.

Rob Fabela was recently the Vice President of Field Operations at Gravwell and a former Vice President of Field Operations at Dragons. His two-decade experience includes different ICS and cyber intelligence roles at companies such as Lockheed Martin, Leidos Cyber Inc, Alert Enterprise, and Booz Allen Hamilton.

SynSaber is an industrial asset and network monitoring solution that offers continuous insight into the status, vulnerabilities, and threats lingering at every point of the industrial ecosystem.

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