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The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro has issues that users usually talk about. Because of this, we came up with every possible solution from battery performance, lens flare, display issues, and more. 

With these simple tips and tricks, you can enjoy your smartphone to its fullest.


Slow Wireless Charging

The Problem

Despite Apple's attempts to bump its wireless charging speeds up to 15W, it still is relatively slow with some. Except for the MagSafe charger, other brands still only offer half the speeds at 7.5W. 

It means that it will take relatively more time for you to keep your iPhone 12 charging without using it, thanks to iPhone Hacks

The Solution

Check for authentic Apple accessories to pair with your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro to make sure that they work properly within use. Authentic Apple accessories also mean that they work optimally for your smartphone.

Quick Battery Drain

The Problem

The iPhone 12 lineup has problems with its quick battery drain as compared to other models, despite it being the top seller for the Q2 of 2021. The reason stems from iOS 14, which hurt the battery life of the iPhone 12 lineup.

The Solution

Apple has come to realize this and now has thought of a fix with the iOS 14.7 update.

It's not always a good idea to try out new updates right away as there might be issues coming from them one way or another. However, for the case of the iPhone 12, you should, and your battery will thank you for it.

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The Problem

Since the iPhone 12 first launched, there were a lot of reports coming in about the display, especially with flickering issues and green tint that show up on display.

The Solution

As with the battery problem, Apple has already issued a patch for this in its most recent update. The update now allows the screen's brightness to be adjusted for a chance for the flickering and green tint to be resolved. 

If the problem still persists, we recommend going to your nearest Apple service center to have it checked. However, cases like these are few and far between, which is a good thing.

Scratchable Display

The Problem

Many users who have the iPhone 12 line up are having issues with their display being easily scratched when there is no screen guard to help protect it. This is because Apple chose to go with a softer glass display in exchange for more durability.

The Solution

Of course, with displays that are as sensitive as the iPhone 12, it's best to protect it as best as you can. The easiest fix here is to get yourself a screen protector with high protection, and there are a lot of them out there from different brands.

Lens Flare

The Problem

Lens flaring has been an issue with the iPhone 12 series due to the wider aperture lens. Lens flaring is not new to Apple, and is still present in previous iPhone generations.

There is no quick fix to this, however.

Instead, might we suggest taking pictures or videos directly facing the sunlight or a light source.

That explains why the iPhone 12 Pro is only the fourth-best camera in a DXOMark grading platform.

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