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Epic Games will have two new games called "Mothergunship" and "Train Sim World 2" coming soon. These two titles will be available for download starting July 29 until August 5, 2021.

The two games vary differently in gameplay and cater to different audiences but can still offer lots of gameplay for all.


"Mothergunship" is a game that takes you to a first-person epic shooter. It was first released back in July 2018 for both PC and console.

Developers Grip Digital based the game on many unique levels in design, given that they are all randomly generated.

The goal is to give players a fresh new run every time they choose to play the game, which brings more hours of gameplay to the fairly simplistic nature of the game.

The randomness of the levels is one of its best-selling points. 

The gameplay is also something to enjoy; create your arsenal and test it out on the enemies that are thrown at you. The extensive gun customization is an added feature that makes each run as different as possible, as noted by NME.

By looking at the trailer itself, you can see that there are more than a few ways to customize your gun, and see how it affects each enemy to a satisfying degree.

The game feels like you're playing "Doom Eternal," but with less gore, as you battle overwhelming odds and giant bosses at every turn.

If it didn't have the weapon customization feature, then you'd be forgiven to think it was a knockoff.

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"Train Sim World 2"

"Train Sim World 2" lets you take on the role of someone in charge of every assortment of trains out now.

Although the game was released in 2020, the graphics aren't as well polished as you'd hope outside the driver's field of view.

All the trains within the game are accurately replicated from their real-life counterparts. Every minute detail is there, even down to the stickers, switch, buttons, and more. 

There would be no issues whatsoever in terms of controlling the train since everything feels so responsive. We suggest not skipping the tutorials for each train as it explains what you need to know to continue chugging on; the tutorial is also straightforward enough to understand the first time you see it. 

There are hundreds of missions, but the best part why people choose to play this game is the relaxing experience it provides, as you have miles and miles of track to enjoy the scenery.

Both these games are worth trying even once or twice to see if you'd enjoy their gameplay.

If not, well, at least you have two new games added to your gaming library for free. 

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