Sony seems like they want a return to the old days with the renewal of another old trademark. 

That old trademark is, of course, PlayStation Home: one of the few positives to come out of the PS3 era. Eurogamer reports that Sony renewed the trademark once again, reportedly until October 1, 2028. The filing, however, is for a European trademark only. 

The information comes from a certain Redditor on the subreddit GamingLeaksAndRumors, who says that the trademark could also be a hint to Sony wanting to go for PSVR 2. Aside from these rumors, there's not much information about it other than it's categorized as a "computer game software" under the "goods and services" umbrella. 

But this isn't the first rumor alleging a possible return for PlayStation Home. It was reported back in April of this year that Sony renewed the trademark, according to PushSquare. Then again, there's barely any relevant information that either confirms or denies the rumors. 

In its recently concluded State of Play presentation last July 8, Sony didn't reveal anything about the now-discontinued social meeting hub. Instead, it focused on updates and announcements concerning its last two generations of consoles: the PS4 and the PS5. 

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PlayStation Home: A Good Memory From the Troubled PlayStation 3 Era

For the relatively young gamer, you might've missed out on PlayStation Home entirely, and now you're wondering why it was such a big deal. Well, it was, at least for the time. 

As previously mentioned, PlayStation Home was an online social hub that was popular during the days of the PS3. Think of it as an early version of VRChat but without the VR, or a very Sony-centric version of "The Sims." 

Players can create avatars of themselves, interact with other people's avatars online, and decorate a digital apartment where their game achievements, reputation scores, and other trinkets are displayed. There even came a time when a lot of gamers specifically only played PlayStation Home on their consoles and not much else. 

It was one of the few good things about the PS3's troubled life cycle. Launched in 2008, PlayStation Home was shut down a year early in Japan and all around the world for good on March 31, 2015. But by then, it had already gained a cult following among PS3-era gamers who enjoyed its social features, even well into the advent of modern social media. 

Sony To Finally Bring It Back?

If Sony plans to bring back PlayStation Home at some point, then it's sure to hit many gamers with a wave of nostalgia. Considering that Sony decided to keep the PS3 online store open, perhaps the return of PlayStation Home could be a possibility. 

For now, it would be best for any nostalgia-craving PlayStation fan out there to take this rumor with a grain of salt. 

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