Steam Deck's console would soon release a feature that would give users 30fps in exchange for better battery life and prolonged hours of gaming. This would soon be available via an update for all those who already got theirs, but the majority of all gamers have yet to receive their handheld console, in the coming year or so. 

Initially, it was reported by Tech Times that Steam Deck will have a 30fps mode that will roll out with the game console once it releases. The company decided on this to help gamers get the most of their gaming consoles.

Steam Deck Features: 30fps Mode

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Steam Deck is going to reduce frame rates to give you more battery, and it would be more of a pros and cons list for gamers. However, what Valve wants for players is the opportunity to maximize their game and get a whole lot more from the console. Sometimes, the longevity of gaming can give users more, compared to having the best available graphics. 

The popularity of Steam Deck and the massive pre-orders it has already led to some people selling their pre-order slots for more than 10 times its price. The SRP of the Steam Deck is only at $399, but people are scalping it for more than $5,000. Sounds familiar? 

That being said, the handheld console's feature is to bring 60fps of gameplay to the handheld console, something which even the PS5 has trouble producing.

Valve is giving gamers more, by taking away something that is one of its most boasted features. 

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30fps or 60fps?

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When it comes to gaming, bigger is always better, right? Not quite. Sometimes, a little sacrifice may go a long way, but it would ultimately fall on the user's choice. 

The 30fps is still a fast frame rate, and it exceeds that of the standard video speed of 24 frames per second. Having said this, 30fps is already a decent one to enjoy the game. 

On the other hand, 60fps already feels out-of-this-world, and it gives a truly unique experience, as it brings s smooth look to the game. It is currently the industry standards, and the frame rate which most games give its 4K "feels" into. 

Ultimately, this is a "red pill, blue pill" crossroads. Choose 30fps with a fairly smooth game and have longer battery life, or choose 60fps, with the best possible display and easily deplete your playing time.

When Will Steam Deck Ship Out to the Public?

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According to Tom's Guide, Steam Deck would ship out to the public and pre-orders in 2022, and for some 2023. That is a massive long wait for the handheld console, something which resembles that of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. 

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