Apple Face ID to Come to iPhones, iPads, and Macs within a 'Couple of Years'
(Photo : Screenshot From Apple Official Website) Apple Face ID to Come to iPhones, iPads, and Macs within a 'Couple of Years'

Apple Face ID is now expected to come to iPads, iPhones, and Macs within maybe a "couple of years." Although this isn't really a big assurance, it's the best thing Apple users have as of the moment.

Apple Face ID for Mac, iPad, and iPhone

In the recent Power On newsletter that recently launched, Bloomberg's very own Mark Gurman believes that Apple will be bringing the Face ID to Mac within the course of a "couple of years." Gurman even notes that the iPhone SE as well as non-Pro iPads could even get Face ID as well.

According to 9to5Mac, the only reason that Apple still is not doing so as of the moment is in order to cut costs while still offering their users stable security. Mark Gurman reportedly believes that a certain "camera embedded in the screen would actually help users differentiate Apple's more pricey devices by eliminating the notch located at the top."

Apple Analyst on iPhone Display

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a reliable Apple analyst, the 2022 iPhone is even expected to have its own redesign which would ditch the notch to get a punch-hole display design. Kuo notes that Apple plans to start replacing its current notch design that was introduced with the iPhone X with a different new-to-iPhone "punch-hole display design."

This, however, isn't really the first time that the public has heard that Apple is working on bringing Face ID to the Mac in macOS Big Sur beta. 9to5Mac found references to the TrueDepth camera on the system. This reportedly suggests that Apple is working to bring facial recognition to its own computers.

Apple 'PearlCamera'

The article noted that they were able to find a certain new extension for the macOS Big Sur beta 3 with codes that were intended to support the "PearlCamera." Users might not really remember, but this is actually the internal codename which Apple uses for certain things like its TrueDepth camera as well as Face ID, which was initially revealed with the iPhone X leaks back in 2017. Rumors that Face ID will launch on the iPhone were already circulating as early as 2019.

Codes like "BioCapture" and "FaceDetect" were reportedly found within this particular extension which also suggested that Apple could be preparing its macOS to work along with Face ID as the codes are quite similar to those that are being used in the iOS. The article reportedly investigated and found that the Face ID extension was clearly built for the Apple macOS, and it's not really some remnant code that came from Catalyst technology.

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Apple Redesign and Others

Some time early 2021, Apple had launched a redesigned 24-inch iMac that packed the M1 chip. It is also said that the company had stopped the development of the Intel iMac 27-inch successor to get this particular one finished. 

The pandemic along with the semiconductor shortage could have reportedly impacted Apple's initial plan to roll out Face ID for Mac. However, this is still not confirmed and only time will tell. Although someone was able to hack Face ID, an article notes that users shouldn't worry.

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