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The Tesla Cybertruck is delayed once again due to supply chain issues and the limited availability of its battery cells.

The announcement came from the company's second-quarter earnings report on Monday, July 26. Tesla CEO Elon Musk already warned that the battery cells would be an issue for both Tesla's Cybertrucks and the Semi.

Shareholder's Letter Details

The shareholder's letter contained the routine reports about where the company is, and where it might lead with the current trend based on the results. However, it also mentioned details regarding the Tesla Semi, Tesla Model Y, and Tesla Cybetruck.

There were previous reports that said that the Tesla Semi is supposedly in production right now as PepsiCo was expecting their shipments. However, the letter said that the company would be moving the Semi truck program next year because of the limited battery cells and the ongoing "global supply chain challenges." 

Also, it seemed like the company will focus on creating the Model Y vehicles in both Austin and Berlin sometime this year.

The next focus for Tesla after the Model Y is to continue the progress for the Cybertruck in full swing, leaving the Tesla Semi little room for development this year.

As the company shifted its focus on the Model Y on top of its other vehicles, the Tesla Semi will likely be taking the back seat for now as its smaller siblings will take the limelight.

Another Possible Reason for Delay

TechCrunch has mentioned in their story that there is another reason as to why the Semi has been delayed. 

The media outlet mentioned in their report the departure of Jerome Guillen, an important executive at Tesla who worked with development and the eventual production of the Tesla Semi. 

Guillen resigned in June this year, only three months after he was transferred to the automotive president's position. The position involved oversight of all vehicle products that Tesla has to bring to the table together with the Tesla Semi.  He was with the company from September 2018 until March 2021. 

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Tesla's Future Vehicle Lineup Updates

The Cybertruck is now in its alpha stages of the prototype. The overall vehicle architecture and the most basic of engineering is now in the green. The beta phase will come naturally within this year after the Model Y has been all set up.

Lars Moravia, Tesla's VP of Engineering, said that the Cybertruck would "be looking to ramp that in production in Texas after Model Y is up and going."

Even Musk weighed in and said, "Cybertruck ramp will be difficult because it is such a new architecture ... It's going to be a great product. It might be our best product ever, but does have a lot of fundamentally new design ideas."

He also mentioned that testing prototypes are very different in scale of difficulty when faced with the volume of manufacturing required for the project. 

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