Tesla is going to test the capabilities and other features of the fully-electric Semi truck that would be soon released to the public as it has debuted its prototype over the recent months. These would be the first Semi-trucks that have been electrified and features electric mobility, said to be capable of handling loads from Fremont, California to Gigafactory Nevada.

Tesla Semi
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Tesla Semi Truck is reportedly a stealthy and silent vehicle for its size.

Earlier last month, Tesla has released a video of the Semi Truck head going around the track, showing the first look at its performance and handling on the road which was never seen before this release. Actual prototypes have been released by the company four years after its initial announcement last November 2017.

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Tesla Semi Actual Road Test from California to Nevada

Tesla Semi
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Elon Musk's Tweets Spread Doubt on Tesla Semi Truck Releasing This Year

While it would not be that much documented by Tesla, and the only way to see the Tesla Semi is by spotting it on the road, interested customers would have to wait until the clean energy company has released it for viewing. Currently, it is unknown when the EV manufacturer plans to unveil or sell the Tesla Semi, especially as it is still under the testing phase. 

Initial speculations of the Tesla Semi having the highly-rumored 4680 Batteries that have been made with LG have also not been confirmed by the company, as it is rumored a 2023 release date, two years from now. Having said this, it highly suggests that the soon-to-be spotted Tesla Semis would be prototypes and not the actual EVs from the carmaker. 

According to Electrek, the test drive would be driving from its birthplace, Gigafactory Nevada, towards Fremont, California (and vice versa), to bring massive loads and testing out the vehicle in actual road conditions. The interstate road test of the Tesla Semi would be more than 400 miles, spanning almost 11 hours of travel time. 

This means that the vehicle would need more than a battery's full charge to complete the one-way interstate trip. 

Tesla Semi to Bring Loads and Save on Logistics Costs

Tesla Semi
(Photo : Tesla )
Tesla Semi

Elon Musk has used its products to benefit the company and save on ventures with the likes of Tesla electric vehicles operating as service cars in The Boring Co.'s Vegas Loop tunnel project. This means that the venture is not new to support one cause after the other, as long as it benefits the company.

The use of Tesla Semi to transport massive loads from one Tesla factory to another would be ideal to test the semi-truck head and trailer's capabilities, and how it would fare in its daily usage. There are numerous things to take into account and it includes the weight of the load, charging times, wear and tear, and other factors to affect the EV's performance. 

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