Tesla Semi Electric Truck Prepares to Go Into Production | PepsiCo Already Expecting Deliveries
(Photo : Screenshot From Tesla Official Website) Tesla Semi Electric Truck Prepares to Go Into Production | PepsiCo Already Expecting Deliveries

Tesla Semi Electric Truck is now finally about to start its production! This all-electric semi-truck already has excited customers even before production including company PepsiCo.

Tesla Semi Truck

According to Electrek, after years of delay, Tesla has finally started the production of its Tesla Semi. While there might be a few electric trucks already on the road, they still don't have the specs that enable the trucks to take the long range haul in a class 8 semi-truck just like what Tesla is promising.

The Tesla Semi was launched back in 2017 and the automaker noted that the electric truck's production versions, a new class 8 truck that comes with an 80,000 pound capacity, will be having 300-mile as well as 500-mile range options for its $150,000 as well as $180,000, respectively. It will also have the lowest operating cost of any semi-truck. This would make it extremely disruptive in a whole industry where every single cent counts.

Semi Truck Expectations 2017 to 2021

However, the EV has still seen a lot of delays that have cost them its momentum. When it was unveiled back in 2017, Tesla noted that it would come to the market back in 2019, and it even started taking reservations coming from a number of companies looking to be able to electrify their fleets. Supercharge is expected to be available to other Tesla EVs soon, according to Elon Musk.

Tesla wasn't able to deliver the truck in 2019 which was pushed into 2020 and now, hello 2021. Things, however, could start to move. Back in March, 2021, Electrek reported that Tesla was starting to build a production line for the Tesla Semi at a brand new building near the Gigafactory Nevada in order to produce five different Tesla Semi electric trucks every week by the end of 2021.

Tesla EV Truck Drive Axle Production Line

Sources familiar with the situation reportedly told Electrek that the drive axle production line is now ready and the whole general assembly line is also going through its own final debugging stage before starting its production. It is reportedly one of the last steps before it had started production of the new all-electric truck.

Elon Musk previously told employees in an email that was obtained by Electrek that it is finally time to bring the Tesla Semi to a standard volume production without updating the full timeline. More recently, Tesla has also indicated that the EV truck will start production this year with a number of deliveries to customers.

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PepsiCo Tesla Semi Reservation Holders

The company, however, didn't release any details about the whole planned production. Tesla has reportedly revealed that the company plans to use the very first Tesla Semi trucks for its very own operations. However, some long-time reservation holders are also quite expected to take delivery this 2021. As of the moment, Elon Musk is said to really pursue the Tesla Cybertruck design, despite it potentially becoming a flop.

ChargeDevs noted that PepsiCo is already one of the company's largest Tesla Semi reservation holders. The company notes that they expect to take delivery of 15 Tesla Semi Trucks to their own Frito-Lay facility located in Modesto, California.

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