International mobile holding company Green Grey has recently announced the opening of its new office later this year - advancing the company's unique technology stack.

The new office, located in Cyprus, will be focused on the development and publishing of mobile projects as well as unique, cutting-edge mobile technologies. This is the latest testament to Green Grey being a tech company that covers the design, development, and publishing of innovative products in the game market, in addition to its active investments in mobile projects that show promise across the world.

With the new Cyprus location, Green Grey takes another step toward supporting the global mobile industry.

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Self-Made Technology Stack for the Mobile Market

In a recent press release from the company, Green Grey traces its origin story: one that was not founded as a game developer or publisher, but in developing its own technologies.

Since August 2020, the international mobile holding company has been keen on developing its own products, leading to a unique technology stack that has offered the company an equally unique position in the global mobile market.

This unique technology stack was created and expanded by its own team of experts, including people with experience in the international advertisement field.

At the helm of this team is Dima Morozov, the company founder who has been with almost the same personnel, brainstorming tech and advertisement products.

"Our publishing company created a technology stack that is rivalled only by that of major corporations with access to tremendous resources, like My.Games and Scopely," says Morozov.

"We have been developing and testing technologies that will enable international players to  optimise their resources and cut down on development time for a year now."

A Two-Pronged Approach to Optimize Efficiency, Profitability

The Martech Stack by Green Grey is made up of its Data Management Platform (DMP) and its Trade Desks. Both parts of the stack work together to offer customers unparalleled efficiency and profitability. The DMP gathers, processes, and stores depersonalized user data from users of apps owned by Green Grey and its partners. It also measures the effectiveness of advertisement channels, tracks financial results, monitors inflation, and even constructs predictive models using machine learning to identify user behavior.

"Building marketing within mobile games without a proprietary marketing stack is impossible in today's environment, and yet, some people keep on trying," explains Gennady Klyachman, Green Grey CMO.

"In my opinion, the few tools on the market right now-like AppsFlyer and ad platform tools-are far from perfect. They lack the necessary depth for proper data processing. This is exactly why, for a publisher, it is absolutely critical to have a proprietary set of technical tools that enable the publisher to improve the efficiency of traffic purchasing and processing."

On the other hand, the Trade Desk is a proprietary buying tool integrated with Facebook, Google, and other independent Demand Side Platforms. The Green Grey tech allows the user to purchase and analyze traffic, and monitor them against a predefined set of key process indicators (KPI).

As the analytical module of the Trade Desk integrates with the DMP, the program automatically optimizes ad campaigns, automatically reassigning budget across different audience cohorts and traffic sources depending on each channel's effectiveness.

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