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Microsoft announced its Windows 11 will now support Android apps through the Amazon App Store during Windows 11 Event. The Android apps will be locally installed, so you can now see them in the Start menu and Taskbar of your PC or laptop. Also, it does not require access to a smartphone for it to function.

Microsoft Android Apps Support

Thanks to this update, you will now be able to enjoy all of your favorite apps, from Uber to TikTok, on your PC at any time.

Microsoft will be using Intel Bridge Technology to enable the process, and the upgrade will be free, but it did not reveal much on how it works.

Microsoft did not go into detail, but the support of Android apps on Windows 11 will likely be powered by Microsoft's Windows Subsystem for Linux 2, according to The Verge.

Aside from the Android apps support, Microsoft also announced that it will launch a brand new Microsoft Store app.

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The new app will focus on being an open storefront for any app on Windows. This means that the new Microsoft Store app will feature UWP, PWA, Win32, and Android apps.

Windows 11 is expected to be released in mid-2021, and that is also the same time that the Android app support will be made available to the public.

Microsoft has also revealed other exciting news for the upcoming Windows 11. The operating system company stated that there will be a free upgrade for existing Windows users as long as all of the Windows 11 requirements are met to ensure that the device is Windows 11-ready.

Windows 11 Other New Features

The new Windows program will feature Microsoft Teams, the operating system's answer to Skype, and it will also have multiple productivity tools.

Windows 11 will also include a brand new user interface or UI design that is simple and easy to use. Microsoft says that the new UI will help you stay focused and productive, according to Digital Trends.

Microsoft is also adding new productivity features on Windows 11, such as the Snap Navigator menu that drops down from an app window's maximize button.

The feature will let you snap an app to a set of grid layouts without any need to drag your window to the edge. This will be very useful for multitasking.

A new Chat app will be built right into the Taskbar, so you can easily share your files, videos, and text with your family, friends, or colleagues through Microsoft Teams, as reported by Windows Central.

Windows 11 will also feature a new Start menu and a new Taskbar, which will be centered by default. You will also be able to arrange the grip of apps however you like.

The running apps and the pinned apps will be centered, and the Action Center, Notifications, and Quick Actions all accessible.

The Quick Actions settings will now be called Quick Settings and will appear on the System icons on the far right of the Taskbar.

The Windows 11 operating system will also make it easier to connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, enable night light, configure focus mode, and setting the time and date.

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